#2016 Testing at Priarie City 4/12/15

Testing with Sandy Schwab’s #2016 1/2 1600 car at Prairie City, CA after engine rebuild by Two Larrys Racing from after the 2015 Mint 400. #2016 is scheduled to race at the upcoming Silver State in the beginning of May.


CBCFS Headed to the 2015 Mint 400!

CBCFS Racing’s 1/2 1600 buggy prepping for the 2015 Mint 400 at Two Larrys Racing. TLR rebuilt the engine and this video documents some of the prep after installation with CBCFS. It is always such a pleasure to work with this team.

Good luck at the 2015 Mint 400, CBCFS!


Video of Meek Racing #1142 Testing

Over the last few weeks, we have had the honor of working with Meek Racing on freshening up #1142 and getting her ready for the 2015 season. They are pointing her towards the $10,000 bonus offered in the World Series of Bugs this year, and the first race is SNORE Battle at Primm this coming weekend. Here is some footage of testing from this last week:


2015 Racing Association Schedules

Here is a list of some of the association’s schedules for 2015. Feel free to contact us if you would like your schedule included here – we would love to.

PLEASE NOTE – if you are thinking of racing multiple associations in the year, please be sure to look over EACH association’s rules and fees. They DO vary and the rulebook and class build specifications aren’t necessarily the same. The standard rulebook emulated by most is the SCORE rulebook, but you must purchase that at the SCORE website (or find a friend who has one). Most other associations offer their rulebook for free online, usually in PDF format.

MAXTRAX World Series Of Bugs $10,000 purse

MaxTrax has sponsored a championship series composed of several different races from different associations over the next few months. Please refer to THIS post on the Class 11 Coalition if you are interested in participating. The following races are what counts for the championship.

February 20-22 SNORE Battle at Primm, Primm, NV
March 18-19 BITD Mint 400 (non series race)
May 29-31 SNORE Caliente, NV
October 3-4 VORRA Short Course Reno, Reno/Sparks, NV
December 4-5 CODE Off-Road Mexicali to San Felipe, Mexico

VORRA – Valley Off Road Racing Association

*EDIT* The schedule has changed since I first posted this. The schedule for the short course races are different.

3/28-3/29 Short Course Wild West Motorsports Park Reno, NV
4/18-4/18 Short Course Prairie City OHV Park, Folsom, CA
5/23-5/25 Desert Race Hawthorne, NV
8/29-8/30 Desert Race Fallon, NV
10/3-10/4 Short Course Wild West Motorsports Park Reno, NV
10/24-10/25 Short Course Prairie City OHV Park, Folsom, CA

SNORE – Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts

FEB 20-22 Short Course King Shocks Battle At Primm, Primm, NV
APR 10-11 Desert Race w/MORE Motion Tire 300, Ridgecrest, CA
MAY 29-30 Desert Race Race Fuel Energy Drink 250, Caliente, NV
SEP 11-12 Desert Race w/MORE KC HiLites Midnight Special, Lucerne Valley, CA
Oct 23-24 Desert Race 46th Annual SNORE 250, Kingman, AZ
DEC 11-13 Short Course w/MORE Rage at the River, Laughlin, NV

MORE – Mojave Off-Road Enthusiasts

Feb. 28 Multi-Heat Event Two 4 1/2 hour heats, Barstow, CA
April 11 Desert Race w/SNORE Ridgecrest 300, Ridgecrest, CA
May 30 Desert Race 400 miles, Lucerne Valley, CA
July 4-5 Multi-Heat Event Two Heats, 14 mile course, Fort Irwin, CA
Sept. 12 Desert Race w/SNORE KC HiLites Midnight Special, Lucerne Valley, CA
Oct. 17 Multi-Heat Event Ladies Only, two 3 1/2 hour heats, Barstow, CA
Dec. 12-13 Multi-Heat Event Rage at the River, Laughlin, CA

SCORE – Southern California Off-Road Enthusiasts

Jan. 22-25 Desert Race San Felipe 250, Baja Mexico
April 16-19 Desert Race Inaugural Bud Light SCORE Baja Sur 500, Cabo San Lucas to Loreto
June 4-7 Desert Race 47th Bud Light SCORE Baja 500, Ensenada, Baja Mexico
Sept. 24-27 Desert Race 3rd Bud Light SCORE Imperial Valley 250, Plaster City, CA
Nov. 18-21 Desert Race 48th Bud Light SCORE Baja 1000, Ensenada, Baja Mexico

BITD – Best In The Desert Racing

JANUARY 9, 10 Desert Race (UTV, Quad, Bike points only) Polaris PARKER “250”, Parker, AZ
FEBRUARY 6, 7, 8 Desert Race (car and truck points only) BLUEWATER RESORT PARKER “425” PRESENTED BY IMPACT, Parker, AZ
MARCH 13, 14, 15 Desert Race GENERAL TIRE MINT “400”, Las Vegas, NV
MARCH 27, 28, 29 Desert Race (trail ride, no points) MOTION PRO NEVADA “200” TRAIL RIDE, Caliente, NV
DECEMBER 4, 5, 6 Desert Race Henderson 250 Presented by supercross.com, Henderson, NV

NORRA – National Off-Road Racing Association

April 25-29 Desert Rally Mexican 1000, Mexicali, Baja, Mexico

HDRA – High Desert Racing Association

POSTPONED due to issues with BLM, etc. in 2014. Please read more here: HDRA announcement. Also, the former HDRA Reno 500 is now listed under SCORE as the 3rd Annual SCORE Reno 500 (obviously it was HDRA prior), so it’s possible Roger Norman-owned SCORE and HDRA may just be merging their races.

CODE – Corredores del Desierto

Feb. 13-15 Desert Race MR Gran Prix, Mexicali B.C.
April 10-12 Desert Race VW Autopartes Escomex, Mexicali, B.C.
May 8-10 All-girls, non-point Racing For Boobies
Jul 24-26 Desert Race Jacume Gran Prix, Tecate, B.C.
October 9-11 Desert Race Mexicana Logicistics 300, Mexicali, B.C.
December 4-6 Desert Race Race Ready 275, Mexicali-San Felipe

FORE – Family Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts

March 7 Desert Race Cal City 150, California City, CA
August 4 Short Course Baja Challenge, Glen Helen, CA
November 7 Desert Race Cal City 200, California City, CA

Lucas Oil Off-Road Series

March 20-21 Short Course Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park, Lake Elsinore, CA
April 24-25 Short Course Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, Chandler, AZ
May 30 – 31 Short Course Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park, Lake Elsinore, CA
June 20-22 Short Course Modified Cart Only Miller Motor Sports Park, Tooele, UT
Jul 18-19 Short Course Glen Helen Raceway, Glen Helen, CA
August 1-2 Short Course Modified Cart Only Baja International Short Course Estero Beach Resort in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
August 22-23 Short Course Wild West Motorsports Park, Sparks, Nevada
September 18-19 Short Course Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas, NV
October 24-25 Short Course Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park, Lake Elsinore, CA
December 5 Event Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series awards Banquet, TBA location

NorCal Bajas – Off-Road Club/Rallies

TBA Event Schedule

Lucas Oil Regional Series Southern California-presented by Kartek

Jan. 17 Event Regional test day Lake Elsinore
Feb. 13 Event 2014 Season Awards, Glen Helen Raceway San Bernardino, CA
Feb. 14 Short Course Round One, Glen Helen Raceway San Bernardino, CA
March 7-8 Short Course Round Two and Three, Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park Lake Elsinore, CA
May 16 Short Course Round Four, Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park Lake Elsinore, CA
June 27 Short Course Round Five, Glen Helen Raceway San Bernardino, CA
July 19 Short Course Night Race Round Six, Glen Helen Raceway San Bernardino, CA
Aug. 29 Short Course Round Seven, Glen Helen Raceway San Bernardino, CA
Oct. 10 Short Course Round Eight, Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park Lake Elsinore, CA
Oct. 11 Short Course Shoot Out, Lake Elsinore Motorsports Park Lake Elsinore, CA

Lucas Oil Regional Series Arizona-presented by ADS Racing Shocks

Feb. 26 Event 2014 Season Banquet, Octane Raceway, Scottsdale, AZ
Feb. 28-Mar. 1 Short Course Round One, Wild Horse Pass Motorsports, Chandler, AZ
March 1-2 Short Course Round Two, Wild Horse Pass Motorsports, Chandler, AZ
April 11-12 Short Course Round Three, Wild Horse Pass Motorsports, Chandler, AZ
April 12-13 Short Course Round Four, Tucson Int Raceway, Tuscon, AZ
May 8-9 Short Course Round Five, TBA
May 9-10 Short Course Round Six, TBA
Sept. 11-12 Short Course Round Seven, Wild Horse Pass Motorsports, Chandler, AZ
Sept. 12-13 Short Course Round Eight, Wild Horse Pass Motorsports, Chandler, AZ
Nov. 7-8 Short Course Round Nine, Wild Horse Pass Motorsports, Chandler, AZ
Nov. 8-9 Short Course Round Ten, Wild Horse Pass Motorsports, Chandler, AZ

Lucas Oil Regional Series Utah

May 16 Short Course Round One, Miller Motorsports Park Tooele, UT
June 13 Short Course Round Two, Miller Motorsports Park Tooele, UT
July 11 Short Course Round Three, Miller Motorsports Park Tooele, UT
Aug. 15 Short Course Round Four, Miller Motorsports Park Tooele, UT
Sept. 5 Short Course Round Five, Miller Motorsports Park Tooele, UT

Lucas Oil Regional Series Reno, NV

Has not updated website to reflect 2015 schedule.

Central Oregon Off-Road Race Park

Has not updated website to reflect 2015 schedule. However, a post was made in December 2014:

“COORP would like to thank all of our racers and spectators for your support over the last three years. This has been a lot of fun to watch this evolve in Central Oregon and we believe that this can continue to grow. At this time COORP is looking for help to keep this going. We need financial help and dedicated people that want to see this sport grow. If we don’t get some help, we’ll be forced to close down and not open for the 2015 season.
If you are interested and believe that you can be the help that we at COORP need, then send a PM or call one of us (phone numbers on the website, www.centraloregonracepark.com) and we’ll discuss the possibilities.
This has been an amazing experience for all of us and we honestly hope to continue and keep this event in Central Oregon. Thank you!”

King Of The Hammers Week

Feb. 1 Event KLiM King of the Motos Presented by Trail – Tech, Dry Lake, Landers, CA
Feb. 2 Short Course Pre-running day/ ULTRA4 vs. Rock Bouncer Shootout, Landers, CA
Feb. 3 Event 4 Wheel Parts Time Trials & Qualifying rounds – Including LCQ
Feb. 4 Event 4 Wheel Parts Time Trials & Qualifying rounds continued, Landers, CA
Feb. 4 Event Polaris RZR KOH UTV Race Presented by HCR, Landers, CA
Feb. 5 Event Smittybilt Every Man Challenge (Stocks, Mods, Specs and Legends), Landers, CA
Feb. 6 Desert Race Nitto King of The Hammers *The Big Race*
Feb. 7 Desert Race KOH The Experience Presented by GenRight

Ultra4 Racing Trail Gear Western Regional Series

Has not updated website to reflect 2015 schedule.

4WD Hardware Eastern Regional Series

Has not updated website to reflect 2015 schedule.

ULTRA4 Europe

Has not updated website to reflect 2015 schedule.

Utah Salt Flats Racing Association, Bonneville, UT

July 8-13 Event July Test-N-Tune, Bonneville, UT
Sept. 12-15 Flat Race World of Speed 2015, Bonneville, UT

BOR – Bonneville Offroad Racing

Has not updated website to reflect 2015 schedule. However, this was posted on their Facebook page:

“Kyle MacArthur
January 15, 2015 at 6:22pm

My good off-road racing friends,

First off, thank you to all the racers, organizers, sponsors, and the BLM staff that has and continues to work with us. We’ve been quiet for a month or more, and I hope to use this opportunity to explain why and to communicate our plan moving forward.

It is with great disappointment and much anguish that I announce that Bonneville Off-Road Racing (BOR) as an organization will not be sanctioning races on land administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) through the year 2015. Before I get into the details of how this has come to pass, please realize that BOR is not by any means dead, and will continue to thrive through 2015 and beyond.

I think it is important to start with a recent history of BOR, especially the events and circumstances leading up to and including to the Wendover 2014 Rewound Race, and what transpired following the race.
Throughout the years, BOR has established a philosophy to become a racing organization that preserves and protects the rights to hold sanctioned, small, low impact, everyman races on BLM land in Nevada, Utah and elsewhere, while doing restoration work on public roads in order to preserve those routes used by environmental researchers and activists, hunters, ranchers, and motorized and non-motorized recreators alike. Two major points of our overall philosophy have been to:

• Mark race course as little as possible in order to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment (“Pack It In, Pack It Out”) and workload on the organizers and volunteers, while at the same time challenging the racers to read the course.
• Restore recently unused roads so that future generations may continue to use them in ways that benefit the general public.

To be short, this philosophy backfired at the Wendover 2014 Rewound Race, as the major issue brought to BOR’s attention was the off-course racing, something that BLM communicated to BOR post-race, and something BOR was unprepared for due to expectations established through many years of a harmonious and mutually beneficial relationship. Many spots were run wide, and a more than a few corners were cut short. Once BOR inspected the course post-race, we understood the position of BLM and their threat of a potential one year suspension from racing on BLM land.

We soon realized that the goals of BOR, the racers, and the BLM were all slightly out of alignment. It’s not that we were of opposing views, but that those views and expectations were not clearly communicated. It seemed that the three major factors that led to an impending suspension from BLM were:
• Course not marked well enough by the organizers, especially along the long stretches of roads we were trying to restore to usable condition.
• Racers, using commonly accepted desert racing techniques to either stay out of another’s dust, pass another vehicle, or look for a better line through silt, ran the course wide, in some spots as much as 50 yards.
• Unclear communication of expectations between BLM, BOR, and the racers as to what were acceptable racing and restoration practices.

Given the threat of suspension, BOR spent two full weekends in the desert south of Wendover doing road restoration and revegetation work far beyond any we had ever needed to do in the past. Long story short, BLM was happy with the work that was done, but it became clear through unofficial channels that any permit we applied for, in any BLM district in the year 2015, would be denied. A permit denial would leave an official black mark on any future permits we would apply for and would not be good for the desert racing community in general.
It was felt by BOR that since a most certain permit denial would be damaging to our reputation and organization, we decided that a self-imposed one year suspension from racing on BLM land was the best and most sensible solution to keep public land racing in the United States alive, not only for BOR, but for others such as SCORE, SNORE, BITD, VORRA, USRA, and the many others who share our goals. It was not an easy conclusion to come to.
Having said all of that…2014 was our most successful in a long time, and BOR is still very much alive and well. The volunteers, racers, and organizers are still eager to make this organization thrive, so let me get into our plans for 2015 and beyond.

BOR will not be organizing any races on BLM land this year, end of discussion. However, that does not leave us without options for maintaining ourselves as a group of off-road racing enthusiasts, holding get-togethers and meetings, or especially holding races on other lands. We came up with a short list of options. Without getting into specifics, I’d like to list them here:
• Weekend long “Meetings in the Desert” instead of our regular Tuesday nights at Nate’s shop
• Races on individually held private land
• Races on corporately held private land
• Races on public land (city/county/Native American owned)
We have several leads that we are actively pursuing for each of the non-BLM potential racing opportunities and are welcome to ideas. We are definitely holding three Meetings in the Desert on these dates, details to be forthcoming, but they will likely either be held on 93A south of Wendover or at Five Mile. These are close to our originally planned race dates to reduce conflicts with racing events and holidays:

• Weekend of May 2nd – Five Mile Poker Run
• Weekend of June 27th – Wendover Main Pit Desert Cleanup, BLM approved
• Weekend of September 12th – ???

Rest assured that we will be applying for three permitted races outside of Wendover in 2016 and have every reason to believe they will be approved.
As always, BOR thrives on the input, help, and participation of its racers and volunteers. Thank you so much for your patience and support. Just remember, this isn’t the first time we’ve encountered hard times, and we came back from that with a vengeance. We strive to do the same once again.
Please PM me for contact info if you’d like to talk in private.

Kyle MacArthur – Technical Director
Nate Srok – President and Race Director
Allen Gerber – Owner”

Bob Dodero and his World Record holding oval window. Photo by Burly Burlile.

Two new pages at TLR

Late 60s Burro info sheet. Tiny Thompson in Santa Ana made the Burro frames.

Steve’s Burro at the 2012 Auburn car show.

TLR is pleased to bring you two new pages for your viewing pleasure. The first is information on the rare vintage race buggy called “The Burro,” a vehicle we had the pleasure of viewing back in 2012 at the Auburn Cruise Night finale show. Steve Heckert was the owner, and he generously provided a wealth of information on these cute little guys. Please read all about them by navigating our menu above under “Tech Info/Tutorials,” or CLICK HERE to visit it directly.

Additionally, Steve sent several vintage photos of VORRA racing circa 1970’s. You can view these by navigating our menu above under “Media,” or CLICK HERE to visit it directly.



Happy Holidays from TLR!

Two Larrys Racing would like to wish everyone safe and happy holidays this 2014 season! Remember sober drivers are your friends, and so is your race helmet and head/neck restraint. Have a safe and happy holiday season, and Happy New Year for 2015! And now time once again for our annual Two Larrys/Booger Christmas Card:

Happy Holidays from Two Larrys Racing and the Green Booger!

Happy Holidays from Two Larrys Racing and the Green Booger!