Happy Holidays from TLR!

Two Larrys Racing would like to wish everyone safe and happy holidays this 2014 season! Remember sober drivers are your friends, and so is your race helmet and head/neck restraint. Have a safe and happy holiday season, and Happy New Year for 2015! And now time once again for our annual Two Larrys/Booger Christmas Card:

Happy Holidays from Two Larrys Racing and the Green Booger!

Happy Holidays from Two Larrys Racing and the Green Booger!


New TLR Page – Bob Dodero and the broken record

Bob Dodero and his World Record holding oval window. Photo by Burly Burlile.

Bob Dodero and his World Record holding oval window. Photo by Burly Burlile.











We are pleased to announce that Bob and his world record Oval Window have their very own page on TLR now, complete with photos and video. You can visit it in the menu above under Projects and Custom Engines, or follow this link to read more about Bob breaking the world record for the ww36 class!


Vanagon Shenanigans – In The Dark

We’ve been busy as usual…finishing out the summer/fall projects to welcome the fall/winter projects! Namely, we are pleased to once again be working with Meek Racing #1142 (Dave Meek) and CBCFS Racing #1116 (Paul Nauleau) to assist in their preparation for the 2015 racing season.

But to give everyone a smile on their face today, here is some video of what we did last night. Because sometimes you just need to take a donut break.


Dezert People 11 Premiere Under Way


If you are a Dezert People movie fan like we are, then you will most certainly be interested in the premiere tour! Here is the schedule for DP11:

September 12th, Atrium Hotel, Irvine, CA (ticket pre-ordering and combos available now).
September 13th, Legacy Brewing Co. Oceanside, CA.
September 15th, BNS Brewing & Distilling, Santee, CA.
September 16th, Studio Movie Grill, Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ (ticket pre-ordering is online now).
September 19-21, Sand Sports Super Show, Costa Mesa, CA (purchase videos at our booth)
September 23rd, Viola’s Tavern, Las Vegas, NV.
September TBA, Coach’s Sports Bar & Grill, Campbell, CA.
September 20th, Texas Raptor Run, Raptoberfest.
September 24th, Burgers and Beer, El Centro, CA.
September 26th, SamCo Fabrication, Reno, NV.
September 27th, VORRA Prairie City race, Sacramento, CA
September TBA, The Palm Theatre, San Luis Obispo, CA.
September TBA, Tucson, AZ
September Tentative, Mesa Theater, Grand Junction, CO.
September TBA, Fresno, CA
October 4th-5th, Off Road Expo, Pomona, CA (DVDs & Blu-Rays available at the DP booth in bldg 4.)
October 9th, “The Bar”, Parker, AZ

Read more about it at the article posted in A Gentleman’s Word.

And very important! You can order your copy RIGHT NOW at Dezertpeople.com. Click HERE to order. The will start shipping orders on September 15.

Release: September 12th, 2014
Media: DVD & Blu-Ray. NTSC
Running time: 56 minutes plus extras.
Region: Wordwide, unrestricted.
Rating: Family friendly.
Suggested Retail Price: DVD $24.95, Blu-Ray $29.95

But wait, there’s more! Dezert People 11 trailer!


Random Updates, Race News

Bob Dodero's land-speed record holding oval window. Photo by HotVW here: https://www.hotvws.com/content.php?contentID=130

Bob Dodero’s land-speed record holding oval window. Photo by HotVW here: https://www.hotvws.com/content.php?contentID=130

It’s been a while since we’ve updated – it’s been very busy! So here goes….

First, a major shout-out to our friend Bob Dodero. You might remember him from earlier posts as the [new] owner of the the Smurf, #1106. He made his goal this year to race at Bonneville and break the land-speed world record for the ww36 class in an Oval Window Bug. (there are a lot of classes racing, ww36 is a specific class with specifications for the engine components, etc.) We are so pleased and proud that on Sunday, he broke the world land-speed record with his TLR-Gary Herrod-built 36hp motor at 78+ mph! He will be running again Tuesday (today) with changes to the carbs Gary also built for him, and a Pertronix system instead of points (it’s fun seeing the performance differences) – maybe he’ll even break his own record! We are very excited for him. Video of the engine to come soon from when we had it on the dyno. It sure doesn’t sound like a 36hp. Also on Sunday was Bob’s birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bob, and what a great present he gave himself!

If you would like to read HotVW Magazine coverage of Bonneville so far (they plan to have a full spread in the upcoming magazines):
- Day One of Bonneville
- Day Two of Bonneville
- Day Three of Bonneville

Also in the news, another VORRA Fallon 250 is in the record books. If you would like to see the results from that race, please visit VORRA’s site here: Fallon 250 Results. Congratulations to all competitors. If you would like to read race stories, please check that out on VORRA’s forum here.

The VORRA September Sizzler at Prairie City is coming up at the end of this month. If you are interested in some short course action as a racer or spectator, please check the information and schedule here on VORRA’s site:
2014 September Summer Sizzler
September 27 – 28, 2014
Prairie City OHV Park
Rancho Cordova, California

The always awesome VORRA Halloween races (called the Spooktacular now) will be coming up in the end of October.

*They are still looking for VORRAteers to help with the races and on the track for both meets!*

Also in the news, our Syncro is up and running again! It sounds similar to the Booger. ;) We will get photos and video of the Van on the site soon as well.


New Volkswagen Club

Recently we were invited to take part in a new Volkswagen club just starting up. It is called the Gold Country Volkswagen Club, and it is looking for members! You will need Facebook to access their new group online, you can find the link here Gold Country Volkswagen Club.

The club is an open group. The description on their page reads:
“Gold Country Volkswagen Club is a group of air and water cooled Volkswagen fans in the Northern California gold country area. Ranging from Grass valley to Sonora and the greater gold country area. We organize family friendly events and donate to charities.”
Jason Boggs is the founder, and is looking for members to participate in activities, decisions for the club, rides, etc. All VW’s in the NorCal motherlode area are welcome. They are JUST starting out, but the more the merrier so please spread the word and give their page a “like!”


VORRA Night Vision 250 Newsletter

Here is the June Newsletter containing the information for the upcoming July VORRA race, the NightVision 250. It is in PDF format, just click the link below:

June VORRA Newsletter

There’s also the basic schedule information available at the VORRA website itself:

Basic Schedule for NightVision 250

Remember, if not enough races pre-register, the race will be cancelled. If you plan to attend, please remember to register soon! Good luck to all competitors.


On My International Harvester


Oh yes, that’s right – TLR doesn’t just work on just Volkswagen and German. You might remember our buddy the 1964 International Scout from awhile back. We had a lot of honing to do in the cylinders just to make it run, but what a work-horse it is. We use it for property work and mowing:


Larry G will be totally thrilled that I posted this photo of him. ;)

Anyway, this has been a project five years in waiting. Or actually more, if you consider how much love there is for big toys and big tractors. But we have been searching and waiting for the right tractor to come along, and here it is, an International Harvester 3414 with a backhoe. They were made from 1961-1968, though we’re unclear what year this one is as the plate has worn away. We seem to have a penchant for 1964’s though, so it would be oddly poetic if it ends up being as such. It doesn’t run (just like the Scout didn’t). Isn’t that a surprise? ;) But Larry G will have it running in no time, and most likely there will be VW parts installed on it as well. We are excited to be able to complete our projects more efficiently with the addition to this yellow beast to the fleet.

Oh, and it will have green wheels too. ;)





A giant shout-out to our friends from Big Mama’z Towing in Placerville, CA ((530) 642-0950 and on Facebook Here). If you want the job done in a professional manner with safety as the number one priority, and at a decent price, they are your guys. Please support local business and consider Big Mama’z if you are in need of transport.

Oh yes…you know that Larry G will be incorrigible singing this song now that he has two of them: