2011 Foothill Cruiser Classic Car Show, Cameron Park CA

The Green Booger treated us to lunch and ice cream at Deb’s Frosty in Diamond Springs, CA. It’s not every day a race car is parked on the side of a busy road!

The Green Booger decided it was time to strap on that mangled fender from the vORRA Yerington 300 sporting green duct tape band-aids and take a walk on the domestic side today. Accompanied by its fellow sports buddy, the Audi TT, it made its way to the Cameron Park 2011 Foothill Cruiser Classic Car Show with Larry G and Little Larry C, and Larry M and Little Larry E close behind. Always a head turner, especially since you can hear it coming before you see it, the Booger always makes a presence and featured Class 11 Two Larrys promotional brochures for the taking on the windshield. The turn-out was great, and it was a pleasure to attend such a family-friendly event complete with attractions, such as a bouncy house and more, and vendors. Of course, we can’t over-look the cars; what a plethora of great cars in various shapes and sizes! We look forward to next year’s show, and plan to enter the Booger as a fun attaction for viewers to enjoy, and possibly spark more interest in Class 11 building and racing.

The Booger on display…next time it will be on the green!

Booger’s brother from another mother? Not quite…a beautiful 1963 VW Bug who doesn’t off-road race.

Are you telling me that you built a time machine… out of a DeLorean?’ Our friend David owns this perfect specimen, sans flux capacitor.

Class 11’s ARE street legal! By following behind, I was privy to the looky-loos taking a second glance in their mirrors at the glaring green racecar. It was humorous.

If you would like to view more photos of the 2011 Foothill Cruiser Classic Car Show, please visit our photo album at the Facebook Two Larrys Racing fan page HERE.