Lucky you, Double Post! Racing, Rollovers, and Engines

I am combining two things today!

First, more Class 11 action from inside #1142 with Meek Racing at the 2013 VORRA April races. Awesome!

Edited to add Meek Racings in-car cam of their rollover!

I’ll share a TLR secret – Petfinder #1106 (the red car), was sporting the Green Booger’s rally tires! They’ve now been on three Class 11’s for the VORRA short courses haha (#1116 in March). Congratulations on your first place, guys! This puts Meek Racing and the Desert Dawgs (Petfinder) neck-and-neck for the season points so far. Looking forward: the Yerington 300!

Secondly, and not nearly as impressive, here is ANOTHER engine project that we had on our plate this weekend. Three at once, it’s been interesting. But instead of the two turbo engines, this is a mere 2.1 stock VW Vanagon engine that needed some loving…and new heads…new seals…new etc.

2.1 short block Vanagon

2.1 short block

2.1 Long block, ready for the "other stuff" to be added. Yay for water cooled!

2.1 Long block, ready for the “other stuff” to be added. Yay for water cooled!