Boogers In The New Morning

Once again, we dusted the Booger off and put it’s big-boy wax on to go clandestine green in a sea of show cars. If the Booger, a race car with plenty of battle scars, can’t pull this off I don’t know what car could. Though the race numbers might have been a good indicator that it was a car that didn’t belong, but ended up belonging.

The Booger greeting people near the gate

The Booger greeting people near the gate. Who would have thought this car had competed in a 500 mile race just six days prior and took first in class? Luckily no one questioned our shock zip tied to the cage, still. Or the copious amounts of silt behind the firewall.

We were pleased to be given a space near the gate, where everyone driving by on the main road would be blinded by obnoxious green. It apparently worked, as we had family members and a couple of friends actually come to the show BECAUSE they had seen the Green Booger parked there when they drove by. And that feels nice.

This car show was a charity benefit organized by Automotive Excellence for the local New Morning Youth and Family Services counseling center. They have excellent staff members who truly care about children and families, as well as support an emergency youth shelter (the only one of its kind in El Dorado County) and other services. A giant thank you to Automotive Excellence for putting on such a successful fundraiser and supporting a great cause. It was nice to see so many people enjoy the show, and so many car owners bring their beautiful cars to donate funds for the benefit.

Any car could enter for a $15 fee, and the show was free to the public. Also included were a very entertaining DJ, a cake and pie contest, a subsequent cake walk, face painting and a giant off-road Trophy Truck slide for the kids, dancing in the cake walk circle, Dangerous Dan’s Hotdog Stand, a raffle with generous donations, and various local businesses and vendors. Our own children were so very excited to win at both the cake walk AND a raffle item! Our daughter also traded Dangerous Dan (a very nice man) one of the brownies she won at the cake walk for a hot dog. Which, by the way, if you ever have a chance to purchase one of his dogs, the Bacon-Wrapped Polish dog with all the fix’ns was most excellent.

Thank you Automotive Excellence and New Morning for a great day! Two Larrys Racing is proud to support a great cause. Even the grumpy green older brother with race numbers had a good time at the happy family day.

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