2012 Cruise Night – Auburn, CA

Two Larrys Racing and the Green Booger was proud to once again represent the Class 11 stockbug and VORRA at the local popular car show, the Auburn, CA Cruise Night. Held every second Friday throughout the summer, we attending the last one held and it usually guaranteed to be the largest. They didn’t lie about that! About a mile’s worth of classic cars and myriads of people lined Auburn’s old town main street, complete with Barbeque, beers, live bands, DJ’s, and September 11 observance.

The Booger handing out swag and “autographs”

Thank you to all the attendees who stopped to take a photo of the Booger and ask questions about the Class 11 racecar! Especially the children who enjoyed the photos and swag they took – it is wonderful to see how one little car can bring such big smiles to faces. Plus – we were one of the cars there who really didn’t care if little fingerprints marred the wax job.

How often do you see these? It still has the lanterns for headlights.

We had a wonderful time and hope everyone enjoyed seeing the little green race car stick out like a sore thumb among the many cars there. Interestingly, it still fit right in. It was nice to finally meet the UTV driver and his family that we nearly rolled onto during the famous VORRA Prairie City incident that was photographed by Dianne Bennet April 2012. We hope the guy who had a photo of himself taken in the driver’s seat of the Booger to send to his girlfriend with the text, “I bought a racecar!” someday actually does have a Class 11.

Old Highway Patrol car. Even the Booger could outrun this! Pretty though.

If you would like to see more photos of the beautiful cars at Cruise Night, you can log onto Facebook and check out Two Larrys Racing (or like it at the top or side of this page), or visit the album directly by clicking HERE.

Steve’s Burro, it still races off-road in NORRA. This car is from the 1960’s and has done the Baja 500 and 1000.

Go green! We think we could race it. The Booger’s American brother?

The Booger took full advantage of the opportunity to meet people.

Nearly a mile of cars and people. This photo wasn’t taken at the end of the line, either. Auburn, CA