Oh yes…TLR just resurrected this lovely 1980’s two-stroke Yamaha golf cart to tire-spinning glory. TLR doesn’t JUST do Class 11! This lovely specimen resides at a berry farm in Garden Valley, CA. If you happen to be in the area, you can pick your own berries, fruits, vegetables, and farm fresh eggs at Berry Heaven USA, during the growing season anyway. You can also visit and like them on Facebook HERE to get instant updates on the delicious pies, canned goods, and so much more that they offer throughout the season.

And as always, if you happen to visit Berry Heaven be sure to give this cute little golf cart a high five on the TLR sticker.

It’s ALIVE! The new berry picker.

Custom-graffiti’d TLR [old] style. Maybe we should have painted the manifold green, too. And the rims. What do you think, Big D?