Another new TLR segment – Booger: The Real Life Herbie

Don’t believe us? Just check our website regularly. To be posted at random, these comparison photos will prove that the Green Booger is, in fact, the real life Herbie. This one you can touch and get your dirty fingerprints on at a car show. Will we care? Nope, we’ll help you text a photo of you in the car to your girlfriend saying you just bought a race car (haha, jokes on her! She had a good sense of humor though).

This all came about when we were watching the Herbie movies recently. For me this was a first, for Larry G this was a first in his adulthood. If you want wholesome entertainment that is good enough to supersede the archaic “special effects,” you might want to check the four-DVD set out for a low $12.99. Who doesn’t love Herbie the Love Bug?! Anyway, it became more clear as we watched that the Green Booger is Herbie reborn, personified, in the steel, or whatever you want to call it. A modern day Herbie of a different color (but same mother…Germany!). So I hereby present to you, in random segments posted when-you-don’t-expect, PROOF that the Booger is the modern day Herbie.

If you didn’t already catch it in our writings, TLR is posting this in a completely joking and only-for-fun manner. We aim to entertain. 😉

Booger can easily go on two, just like Herbie.

Booger can easily go on two, just like Herbie. Click for a larger image.