The Smurf, #1106

Meet the Smurf, the car that deserves the distinction of starting it all for Two Larrys Racing. Put together in a mere three weeks, the 1966 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia dubbed “The Smurf” took first place in the February 2009 Beetleball rally from Santa Monica, CA to Virginia City, NV.

2009 Beetleball Blizzard 500 – Finish in 08h 19m 35s, First Place in class, Fifth Place overall

The Smurf came into Larry G’s life by a local tow truck driver who by chance stopped by Larry’s at-the-time VW shop while the car was on it’s way to the crusher. It’s final destination was arranged due to the body damage it sustained from someone jumping up and down on it and more, plus the years of back-dated registration from it having sat in a field since 1986. The Smurf was given a new lease on life by Larry G and Larry C, and repaid them by great memories and plenty of fun in the snow with a dual-carb 1914cc engine. This is including the week in 2009 when Larry G and Larry M didn’t have power during a snow storm and entertained the little Larrys with E-Brake slides down hills.

In 2011, the Smurf was stripped back to a 40HP engine and stock transmission, then sold to a friend’s son to be a college car. It enjoyed its new “easy” life, and we upgraded the engine to a bit larger than stock 1600 for the son in 2012. At the time of this update, the Smurf is still on the road, though in primer gray color (but original roof navy blue).