Meet The TLR Team

The Green Booger, #1112The Green Booger
The main character of the team, as well as the catalyst for all that is spent monetarily, the Green Booger is noted by all for its unique color, dazzling sparkle, and for being “too pretty to be a racecar,” which is what we have been told at every race we’ve attended. Early in the season of 2010, we were pleasantly surprised when “fans” of the Booger revealed they purchased a green lighter to match the car, and had their arm cast match the car’s green coloring. Who would have thought that a simple little racecar could create such a following? Most importantly, the car allows us to have great experiences with our friendly competitors and make memories that last a lifetime. Meet the Green Booger; you won’t forget it!
Gary Herrod Gary
Instigator of the creation of the Green Booger, Gary (or Larry G) admired the Class 11 cars and figured, “Hey, it’s a stock car…how expensive could it be?” His famous last words, the Booger is now a force to be reckoned with under Gary’s instruction. An avid and successful racer, Gary is continuing his life’s passion through the Class 11 competition.
Cody Dynes Cody in the car
Co-owner and driver of the Green Booger, Cody (or Larry C) also fell under the spell of the Class 11 cars and hasn’t looked back. Having the proverbial love/hate relationship with the Booger, Cody has been instrumental in making it what it is today. A long-time admirer of that which is run on gas, Cody has enjoyed motorsports and is pleased to be on the racetrack with the Booger.
Chris Herrod
Chris Herrod
Chris (Alternate Larry C) has been another big supporter of the Green Booger since its creation. Helping his brother and Cody throughout the preparation, Chris was also a stand-in co-driver with his brother Gary at Ridgecrest in ’09 when Cody could not attend.
Shannon Dynes Shannon Dynes
With the patience of a saint, Shannon has been a supporter of Cody and the Green Booger since day one. Having experienced many last minute, late night car preparations, as well as being a reckoned force in the pits during raceday, Shannon has enjoyed the racing experience thoroughly.
Megan Hallstrom Family with car
An enthuastic supporter of Gary and the Booger, Megan enjoys the entire race experience and takes it upon herself to make sure the crew is fed more than just beer and whatever coffee is scrounged up. She makes sure the car stays in top photogenic form with super special secret procedures, and also put her knowledge to use to bring Two Larrys Racing website to be enjoyed by all.
Don and Marsha Carlson Don and Marsha Carlson
Megan’s parents, Don and Marsha have supported Megan’s ambitions from birth ranging from volleyball, training and raising horses, and much more. This apparently doesn’t end with adulthood, as they have jumped head-first into the racing scene and continued the family support. Don has earned the nickname “Cookie” for our entire camp.
Mike and Mollie Herrod Mike and Mollie Herrod
Gary’s parents, Mike and Mollie have supported Gary’s addiction to all that is Volkswagen since his birth. Part of the Green Booger entourage, they and their awesome motorhome have been a constant presence and huge supporters of Two Larrys Racing.
Meow Mix Delivers Mazar the Cat
Meow Mix, Meow Mix, please deliver! Cody’s nemesis, the two have engaged in a battle of wills; the cat who loves the comfortable front seat of the car, and Cody who is determined to not taste the swirling cat hair during a race. UPDATE – TLR said goodbye to Mazar in 2012 – READ