The Herrod Helper – Fact or Fiction?

The Herrod Helper in action at the 2010 SNORE Battle At Primm with the Green Booger

Two Larrys Racing’s Larry G (Gary Herrod) has often been asked if there is any relation between himself and the famous rear spoiler deemed the Herrod Helper. The answer is yes, in fact his grandfather John Herrod designed and patented the product in 1974. This spoiler, now having joined the ranks of legendary vintage status, was initially met with skepticism until it was proven that not only does it increase gas mileage, but also reduces the VW Bug’s drag to less than that of a Porsche 911. The idea of the Herrod Helped was birthed while John was traveling through the Sierra Nevada mountains and mounted his skis on the rear of the Beetle. He noticed that his gas mileage and stability of the car increased.
Two Larrys is proud to bring you vintage documents pertaining the original Herrod Helper. Towards the end of production, the Herrod Helper also evolved into a off-road spoiler, a larger more industrial wing called the Herrod Magnum. Many of these Helpers went to on to “help” off-roaders to championships, such as the first, second, and third place winners in the 1974 SCORE Baja International race. The Herrod Helper was so beneficial, that it was banned for a time in circle track racing. Hot VW Magazine recently conducted a study on their gas mileage engine to see if the Herrod Helper really does make a difference. They found that it does, with 2+ miles per gallon. There are many reproduction models of the Herrod Helper available now days, but none are the original spoiler themselves.

The Herrod Helper assisted the 1974 SCORE Baja International champions

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Sales reciept from Auto-Haus in 1976 for 30 Herrod Helpers

All three top placers in the 1974 SCORE Baja International ran Herrod Helpers

Original directions that came with the Herrod Helper

Original ad in Hot VW Magazine from 1974

Letter requesting sponsorship in 1975

Mickey Thompson’s SCORE AC-Delco World Championship certificate of appreciation

Original ad stating the Herrod Helper’s stability

Original ad stating the Herrod Helper saves lives