Sandy Schwab #2016 Engine

CBCFS Racing’s and buggy owner Sandy Schwab’s 1/2 1600 buggy prepping for the 2015 Mint 400 at Two Larrys Racing. They contacted us for an engine rebuild after their first race with the buggy, the 2015 BITD Parker 425 on February 7, 2015, in which they took second place. TLR rebuilt the engine in three weeks and the video below documents some of the prep after installation with CBCFS the weekend before the Mint 400. It is always such a pleasure to work with this team.

Good luck at the 2015 BITD General Tire Mint 400, CBCFS!

UPDATE 4/12/15–
#2016 was brought back to TLR after the Mint 400 for an engine rebuild after the distributor failed in the Mint 400 and advanced the timing. #4 cylinder was very stressed, as you can see:

meltedpiston meltedpiston1

So a rebuild was in order for #2016 in just three short weeks to make it to the Silver State at the beginning of May. You can view photos of testing at the Prairie City, NV track on 4/12/15 HERE. Good luck in the Silver State!