The Green Booger, #1112

To truly appreciate the essence of the Green Booger, one might want to know the back-story of the car itself. In the 1990’s, the Booger’s co-creator, Larry G, worked on the car at his Volkswagen shop as a daily driver for its five previous owners and thought back then that it would be well-suited as a Class 11 competition vehicle. The car seemed to have a will to survive, and despite the abuse it had endured since 1968 it still managed to trudge along and thwart the long-awaited “break down.” As the years went on, Larry G eventually lost touch with the car but it was never completely out of mind.

Early 2009, Larry G and Larry C decided to embark on the new adventure of Class 11 building and racing. Larry G immediately had the right car in mind, and after making a few phone calls he found the owner of the 1968 VW Beetle. In shambles, it had finally succumbed to the rigors of daily service. The car was destined for a wrecking yard, and ultimately the crusher. The original engine had been scrapped, and a replacement engine from a wrecking yard was installed. The fenders and doors were mismatched, the pan was completely rusted through (so much that Larry G’s foot went through it), the wiring harness had to be replaced, and just about everything had to be gone through. The owner at the time stated the car was drivable, and would drop it off at the shop for a minimal fee. Drop it off he did, complete with a melted piston and smoke billowing behind for a 1/4 mile. The engine itself came from a tired old Type 181 (Thing) who was used to maintain the vast grape fields at a Placerville, CA vineyard.

After many hours of toil and labor of love, Larry G and Larry C transformed what is now the Green Booger into something amazing and inspirational. The car has a desire and a will to survive and win, despite the hardships it has endured along the way. The life of a Class 11 is not an easy one, however the Green Booger seems to thrive on it and returns the favor of Two Larrys Racing giving it a second chance at a great life in which it reaches out to many. The Green Booger is a true “rags to riches” story that personifies the car in and of itself, and reaches the hearts of many.

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