Meek Racing #1142 Engine

– IN 2014/2015 –

We were pleased to once again work with the fantastic Meek Racing crew to prepare for the 2015 season. Better people cannot be found! The car arrived at TLR in November, and headed home in early February ready to go after some TLR treatment regarding the suspension and a full engine rebuild. They are pointing her towards the $10,000 bonus offered in the World Series of Bugs this year, which consists of the following races:
– February 20-22 SNORE Battle at Primm, Primm, NV [placed fifth first day, DNF second day with a broken tie rod while battling for third place]
– March 18-19 BITD Mint 400 (non series race) [not attending]
– May 29-31 SNORE Caliente, NV
– October 3-4 VORRA Short Course Reno, Reno/Sparks, NV
– December 4-5 CODE Off-Road Mexicali to San Felipe, Mexico

Here is some footage of testing at Prairie City about a week before Battle at Primm:

Best of luck to Meek Racing and #1142 in their quest for the World Series of Bugs!

– IN 2013 –

TLR is pleased to support our fellow Class 11 friends, and in this case Meek Racing, #1142 (the silver car!). After the VORRA April short course races, it’s always a race in itself to have the car desert ready (the Yerington 300 at the end of May). With plenty of other things on their checklist, #1142 had its engine sent to TLR for some love and care. She should be headed back to #1142 tomorrow. So far, there should be five Class 11’s entered in this year’s VORRA Yerington race!

Meek Racing's #1142 Engine

Meek Racing’s #1142 Engine, Larry G at the rods