And we’re back!

Many apologies for such an extended absence from any updated posts. Hopefully there are still viewers out there! I had technical difficulties after changing web hosts, and couldn’t get rid of the final couple of errors affecting the site – today a generous friend helped me and VIOLA! It’s back! 😀

I don’t even know where to start on updates, so I supposed we’ll just go forward from here. Our last post from November showed parts for CBCFS’ rally car, that has since left TLR with most of the cage installed and CBCFS is getting it ready for its eventual racing career. Here’s some photos for a visual update.

And because destruction is always interesting to look at, here is a Subaru engine that came to us for a possible rebuild. Needless to say, we weren’t going to rebuild it when we saw just what happened. This is pretty epic. Remember to check your fluids, folks! And don’t ignore and downshift the car when it starts slowing down. 😉