Who says old Jettas aren’t worth anything?!

This beast is called the Juck (Jetta+Truck), and does everything. Hay bales, engines, wheels and tires, ebrake slides, you name it. You see, today it was the only legal vehicle that could make it up the driveway in the rain (yep…the old Beast [Suburban] and Soccer Dad Jetta [MK4] are cuddling together down the hill…the Vanagon makes it fine and saved the Suburban’s bacon by towing the trailer yesterday). But this lifted two point slow Frankenstein of a Juck? It said, “RAWR I got this,” and with over 300 pounds worth of race car parts, groceries, and kids in the back, it dug out a new ditch for us LOL.

I am looking forward to the day we put the new differential in there – omg amazing. It’s getting VR6 springs soon too, because it’s old and saggy in the rear. No one wants to be saggy in the rear.

Yay for old cars! Whee for mud!
Have a great weekend everyone. 😀