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And one for Devin…

Who is apparently a TLR fan and has seen ALL of our videos at the young age of nine! Thank you for being a fan Devin! We owe you a signed Green Booger picture, to be delivered this week. 😉

And someone had a special message for you:

Little Larry E at the 2011 VORRA Yerington 300

Little Larry E at the 2011 VORRA Yerington 300


New Coloring Pages For Kids! Or adults too…

TLR is pleased to present the kids’ first coloring page of what may end up many. You can also find a list of all pages available in our Menu above, under Videos & Media to Downloads to Kid’s Coloring Pages. We hope your race car crazy kids enjoy giving #1112 a make-over!

You can download or print the following by clicking on the picture, which will take you to the PDF file.

#1112 the Green Booger, Class 11 Stockbug

#1112 the Green Booger, Class 11 Stockbug


Two new pages at TLR

Late 60s Burro info sheet. Tiny Thompson in Santa Ana made the Burro frames.

Steve’s Burro at the 2012 Auburn car show.

TLR is pleased to bring you two new pages for your viewing pleasure. The first is information on the rare vintage race buggy called “The Burro,” a vehicle we had the pleasure of viewing back in 2012 at the Auburn Cruise Night finale show. Steve Heckert was the owner, and he generously provided a wealth of information on these cute little guys. Please read all about them by navigating our menu above under “Tech Info/Tutorials,” or CLICK HERE to visit it directly.

Additionally, Steve sent several vintage photos of VORRA racing circa 1970’s. You can view these by navigating our menu above under “Media,” or CLICK HERE to visit it directly.



New Volkswagen Club

Recently we were invited to take part in a new Volkswagen club just starting up. It is called the Gold Country Volkswagen Club, and it is looking for members! You will need Facebook to access their new group online, you can find the link here Gold Country Volkswagen Club.

The club is an open group. The description on their page reads:
“Gold Country Volkswagen Club is a group of air and water cooled Volkswagen fans in the Northern California gold country area. Ranging from Grass valley to Sonora and the greater gold country area. We organize family friendly events and donate to charities.”
Jason Boggs is the founder, and is looking for members to participate in activities, decisions for the club, rides, etc. All VW’s in the NorCal motherlode area are welcome. They are JUST starting out, but the more the merrier so please spread the word and give their page a “like!”


New TLR Affiliate – SmartSexyGeeky

If the title didn’t get your attention, the content certainly will. Our friend and sponsor Jade Axline of Jaded by Design has created a new blog geared towards girls and women (men too, really!) who enjoy nerdiness, business, and intellectual thought provoking ideas to better your life. Plus she has a wicked sense of humor, so it’s not a boring blog like so many of them.

Which, by the way, you should really check out her fantastic image design capabilities at her website. If you are in the market for a great new professional logo at a very affordable price, you’ve found your designer. Here is her mission statement of sorts for the new blog:

“I “founded” (meaning, bought the domain name) SmartSexyGeeky because I felt like there were too many blogs and sites for women focusing on makeup, fashion, calorie counting, and celebrity gossip. The goal was to create a corner of the internet where women (and maybe some men!) could go to read something relevant and something more existential than what so-and-so wore to this or that awards show. I wanted to write articles about maintaining, or regaining, a positive body image and overall health. I wanted to write about super nerdy things such as video games, the next Comic Con, and why I chose Intel over AMD…and I wanted to bring more people into that world. I hope my writing makes you laugh, inspires you, and makes you think. If it doesn’t, I’m sure at least one of my 3 amazing writers will. Thanks for reading SmartSexyGeeky!
– Jade Axline”

What does this mean for our TLR readers, and why on earth have I included this here? Well, other than a shameless plug for what will be an actually interesting blog, Jade has invited TLR to contribute automotive advice and tutorials there as well. Ah, there’s the gear-head reader relation to TLR. 😉 Additionally, there are four writers in total contributing, with affiliates ALSO guest-blogging, so there will be a vast amount of information, education, and subjects covered. You never know what you will be reading next. You can also visit SmartSexyGeeky on Facebook and give them a “like” to keep up with new posts. Or visit the website directly: SmartSexyGeeky.

TLR is proud to promote healthy image and good causes, like the cancer-research fundraising calendar with the esteemed off-road racer and YouTube car star Emme Hall that the Booger was featured in (twice!), or fundraising car shows we are proud to take part in. TLR is looking forward to being an online contributor in another facet of this subject. You can check out posts in the menu up there ^^ under Tutorials, or visit our first contribution directly by clicking here. Of course, most of the posts there will be very generalized for our usual readers, but remember this is basic information provided to help women (or even some men!) become more familiar with their car and thus feel more comfortable and confident in their abilities. Feel free to pass this website on to friends and family you think would enjoy reading it.



Looking for a split-window Bus? And SNORE Ridgecrest results

Looky what is on the Sacramento Craiglist car by owner section: a 1964 11-window VW Bus in good condition (especially considering what you usually see out there!). In case it’s taken down, here is a copy of the ad, and some photos:

“1964 11 window Volkswagen Bus. Professionally rebuilt 1907cc engine by specialist Gary Herrod, rebuilt in March 2014. Dual 36mm Dellortos with K&N filters, Scat forged crank and rods, 2qt oil sump and filter, new AS41 case. Rebuilt Rancho transaxle with taller gear ratio than stock. Dual German master cylinder installed. It is not cancered, and I have provided pictures of one of the dog-legs. There ARE a couple of pin-hole rust holes in rocker channels under the double doors and a bit on the driver’s side (also have included photo), there were pin holes in the front floor, but front and cargo floors have been POR-15’d (March 2014). I can provide before and after photos of this if you are interested, as proof that the floor is good.

I have owned this car for over 20 years, though it did sit for the last eight. The tires were new eight years ago (right before I parked it) and have fair tread, but they have been sitting so I can’t guarantee their life-span. Front seat has been re-upholstered, the rear seat is still original and in fair condition with small rips. It is clean – it was apparently in an accident and someone used Bondo in the rear but it really could have been addressed at the time without Bondo. The car is currently in old primer red. This Bus is registered and a daily driver.

This is an excellent prospect if you are ready to customize your own Bus the way you want it. It has a lot of potential, is solid, and already is in good working condition.

Please contact me via EMAIL ONLY. If there isn’t interest in the next couple of weeks, I will have it painted, interior installed, and windshields replaced (they are cracked) and the asking price will be raised. I would really prefer to sell local and don’t wish to ship it. Cash only.

Please contact me if you would like more photos of the Bus (specify what photos, please) or video of the Bus running if you would like to hear the engine. Or meet with me to view it in person.”

In other news, the SNORE Ridgecrest race last weekend was purported to be one of the roughest tracks in the history of that race. You can read race re-caps at the forum HERE.

Here is a screenshot of the unofficial SNORE results, courtesy of Strive Four Racing:


New Sponsor – Jaded By Design

Jaded By Design, please visit

Jaded By Design, please visit

If you are looking for a great new graphic to represent your team and car, look no further. Or your business, or you fill in the blank, Jaded By Design can do it all. The talented Ms. Jade Axline is a current student majoring in Visual Communications looking to further her portfolio and point herself in the direction of a bright career in web, graphic, and mobile design art. She recently produced this awesome new graphic for TLR, which we will eventually make available to YOU in the form of stickers.

TLR logo by Jaded By Design

TLR logo by Jaded By Design, don’t worry the final product won’t have the screen lines. That’s on my end haha

But wait, there’s more! Her talents reach much farther than computer skills. Look at this fantastic charcoal and pencil work she created by hand:

Captain America, by Jade Axline. (Charcoal and pencils)

Captain America, by Jade Axline. (Charcoal and pencils)

Two Larrys Racing highly recommends Jaded By Design for your artistic needs. Please visit her website for portfolio samples and further information on how YOU can also become a happy customer.