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1956 Bus Engine Flame Fun

So this happened…we really needed this 1956 VW Bus to move on its own so we can utilize that side of the shop. Last weekend we threw a transmission into it (link:, and this weekend we threw a 1500S engine we had on a stand into it. The engine hasn’t run in about six years (came to us as just an engine), and the Bus hasn’t move on it’s own in about fifteen years. Let’s hope the transmission is actually good hahaha. No muffler on it gave a pleasant side-effect of flames and popping that we could startle the kids with. And that is always fun.


Optimized Motorsports Group #1147 Engine!

Two Larrys Racing is pleased to announce we have been working with Kenyon Whetsell of Optimized Motorsports Group to freshen up Stockbug Class 11 #1147 to prepare it for the 2016 racing season. If you would like to see photos of the build, and also updates of the installation when #1147 makes its way to TLR, please navigate the menu above at Projects > Racing Engines > Optimized Motorsports Group #1147 Engine or directly HERE.

#1147 Optimized Motorsports Groups with Kenyon Whetsell at the wheel at Primm, NV for 2015 SNORE Battle at Primm. Photographer unknown, taken from

#1147 Optimized Motorsports Groups with Kenyon Whetsell at the wheel at Primm, NV for 2015 SNORE Battle at Primm. Photographer unknown, taken from

Optimized Motorsports Group #1147 first fire video:


Video of Meek Racing #1142 Testing

Over the last few weeks, we have had the honor of working with Meek Racing on freshening up #1142 and getting her ready for the 2015 season. They are pointing her towards the $10,000 bonus offered in the World Series of Bugs this year, and the first race is SNORE Battle at Primm this coming weekend. Here is some footage of testing from this last week:


Vanagon Shenanigans – In The Dark

We’ve been busy as usual…finishing out the summer/fall projects to welcome the fall/winter projects! Namely, we are pleased to once again be working with Meek Racing #1142 (Dave Meek) and CBCFS Racing #1116 (Paul Nauleau) to assist in their preparation for the 2015 racing season.

But to give everyone a smile on their face today, here is some video of what we did last night. Because sometimes you just need to take a donut break.


Dezert People 11 Premiere Under Way


If you are a Dezert People movie fan like we are, then you will most certainly be interested in the premiere tour! Here is the schedule for DP11:

September 12th, Atrium Hotel, Irvine, CA (ticket pre-ordering and combos available now).
September 13th, Legacy Brewing Co. Oceanside, CA.
September 15th, BNS Brewing & Distilling, Santee, CA.
September 16th, Studio Movie Grill, Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ (ticket pre-ordering is online now).
September 19-21, Sand Sports Super Show, Costa Mesa, CA (purchase videos at our booth)
September 23rd, Viola’s Tavern, Las Vegas, NV.
September TBA, Coach’s Sports Bar & Grill, Campbell, CA.
September 20th, Texas Raptor Run, Raptoberfest.
September 24th, Burgers and Beer, El Centro, CA.
September 26th, SamCo Fabrication, Reno, NV.
September 27th, VORRA Prairie City race, Sacramento, CA
September TBA, The Palm Theatre, San Luis Obispo, CA.
September TBA, Tucson, AZ
September Tentative, Mesa Theater, Grand Junction, CO.
September TBA, Fresno, CA
October 4th-5th, Off Road Expo, Pomona, CA (DVDs & Blu-Rays available at the DP booth in bldg 4.)
October 9th, “The Bar”, Parker, AZ

Read more about it at the article posted in A Gentleman’s Word.

And very important! You can order your copy RIGHT NOW at Click HERE to order. The will start shipping orders on September 15.

Release: September 12th, 2014
Media: DVD & Blu-Ray. NTSC
Running time: 56 minutes plus extras.
Region: Wordwide, unrestricted.
Rating: Family friendly.
Suggested Retail Price: DVD $24.95, Blu-Ray $29.95

But wait, there’s more! Dezert People 11 trailer!