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Who says old Jettas aren’t worth anything?!

This beast is called the Juck (Jetta+Truck), and does everything. Hay bales, engines, wheels and tires, ebrake slides, you name it. You see, today it was the only legal vehicle that could make it up the driveway in the rain (yep…the old Beast [Suburban] and Soccer Dad Jetta [MK4] are cuddling together down the hill…the Vanagon makes it fine and saved the Suburban’s bacon by towing the trailer yesterday). But this lifted two point slow Frankenstein of a Juck? It said, “RAWR I got this,” and with over 300 pounds worth of race car parts, groceries, and kids in the back, it dug out a new ditch for us LOL.

I am looking forward to the day we put the new differential in there – omg amazing. It’s getting VR6 springs soon too, because it’s old and saggy in the rear. No one wants to be saggy in the rear.

Yay for old cars! Whee for mud!
Have a great weekend everyone. 😀



Happy Holidays from TLR!

Two Larrys Racing would like to wish everyone safe and happy holidays this 2014 season! Remember sober drivers are your friends, and so is your race helmet and head/neck restraint. Have a safe and happy holiday season, and Happy New Year for 2015! And now time once again for our annual Two Larrys/Booger Christmas Card:

Happy Holidays from Two Larrys Racing and the Green Booger!

Happy Holidays from Two Larrys Racing and the Green Booger!


Vanagon Shenanigans – In The Dark

We’ve been busy as usual…finishing out the summer/fall projects to welcome the fall/winter projects! Namely, we are pleased to once again be working with Meek Racing #1142 (Dave Meek) and CBCFS Racing #1116 (Paul Nauleau) to assist in their preparation for the 2015 racing season.

But to give everyone a smile on their face today, here is some video of what we did last night. Because sometimes you just need to take a donut break.


Who wants a classic supercar?

We do too. Even in this condition!

We recently read an article about Michael Fröhlich, a classic car dealer and restorer who has created a classic car museum. That doesn’t sound so unique – except he has his museum in the middle of the forest, and the theme is nature is stronger than technology – nature takes it back. And that’s exactly what is happening to the many classic cars and car memorabilia.

So fair warning – this article posted on might be a bit painful to read if you are a classic car enthusiast. I know with each picture I had to say, “Nooooo!!!”


Rotting Porsche in the forest. Photo courtesy of

Rotting Porsche in the forest. Photo courtesy of

After that blasphemy, here is a meme to make you laugh.


Here is the SCORE Imperial Valley 250 race highlights video by, if you were in the mood for a video. As stated by Race-Dezert on the article’s page,:

“The first inaugural SCORE Imperial Valley 250 is in the books.

On race day strong winds added another layer of challenges to those that raced in the Plaster City area just east of San Diego, CA. The event was broken down into two races. Bikes and Quads started in the morning while all Car and Truck classes left the starting line at 13:00 local time.

Official results are pending SCORE’s review process. Due to the layout of the course many Virtual Checkpoints where in use and the word in our forum as of right now is that many vehicles missed these VCP’s. SCORE is reviewing the driven tracks of all competitors to determine penalties that may have to get added to some competitors. Andy McMillin may have overall won the race but not in his own truck nor the #6 Sourapas truck he drives a lot but instead in the #11 Rock Star energy truck of Rob McCachren who was racing the Lucas Shortcourse truck instead.”


VORRA Spring Newsletter

Here is the VORRA Spring newsletter regarding the upcoming races at Prairie City. Volunteers are welcome too, and if you just want to spectate instead of race that is awesome too! It is in PDF format:


And since that wasn’t a very long post, here are some silly memes to make you smile today.

Larry G actually came up with this one. That's one of his gauges haha.

Larry G actually came up with this one. That’s one of his gauges haha.



Also, this is coming up pretty fast! Don’t forget to mark your calendar.

Smith Flat VW Car Show May 4

Smith Flat VW Car Show May 4


Looking for a split-window Bus? And SNORE Ridgecrest results

Looky what is on the Sacramento Craiglist car by owner section: a 1964 11-window VW Bus in good condition (especially considering what you usually see out there!). In case it’s taken down, here is a copy of the ad, and some photos:

“1964 11 window Volkswagen Bus. Professionally rebuilt 1907cc engine by specialist Gary Herrod, rebuilt in March 2014. Dual 36mm Dellortos with K&N filters, Scat forged crank and rods, 2qt oil sump and filter, new AS41 case. Rebuilt Rancho transaxle with taller gear ratio than stock. Dual German master cylinder installed. It is not cancered, and I have provided pictures of one of the dog-legs. There ARE a couple of pin-hole rust holes in rocker channels under the double doors and a bit on the driver’s side (also have included photo), there were pin holes in the front floor, but front and cargo floors have been POR-15’d (March 2014). I can provide before and after photos of this if you are interested, as proof that the floor is good.

I have owned this car for over 20 years, though it did sit for the last eight. The tires were new eight years ago (right before I parked it) and have fair tread, but they have been sitting so I can’t guarantee their life-span. Front seat has been re-upholstered, the rear seat is still original and in fair condition with small rips. It is clean – it was apparently in an accident and someone used Bondo in the rear but it really could have been addressed at the time without Bondo. The car is currently in old primer red. This Bus is registered and a daily driver.

This is an excellent prospect if you are ready to customize your own Bus the way you want it. It has a lot of potential, is solid, and already is in good working condition.

Please contact me via EMAIL ONLY. If there isn’t interest in the next couple of weeks, I will have it painted, interior installed, and windshields replaced (they are cracked) and the asking price will be raised. I would really prefer to sell local and don’t wish to ship it. Cash only.

Please contact me if you would like more photos of the Bus (specify what photos, please) or video of the Bus running if you would like to hear the engine. Or meet with me to view it in person.”

In other news, the SNORE Ridgecrest race last weekend was purported to be one of the roughest tracks in the history of that race. You can read race re-caps at the forum HERE.

Here is a screenshot of the unofficial SNORE results, courtesy of Strive Four Racing: