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Updates…and PARTS! It’s like Christmas came early.

I haven’t done an update in a couple of weeks, so I will go backwards. Starting with this weekend!

Headway is being made on CBCFS Racing Paul Nauleau’s VW Bug rally car. You may remember them from being the first Class 11 finisher at the 2015 SCORE Baja 1000. We are excited to be a part of his next adventure, a rally car that retains the Class 11 look. More on that as the build progresses! But for now, things have to get worse before they are better, so it’s just a mess of parts and pieces.

Paul and crew prepped the pan for welding when they were here in October, so that is what we have been working on.

Larry G in his welding glory.

Larry G in his welding glory.

And with all race cars, you need lots of new parts! The parts have starting arriving. Here is the first drool-worthy photo of them.

Parts, parts, and more parts to come!

Parts, parts, and more parts to come!

Some close-ups:

Wilwood calipers, front and rear

Wilwood calipers, front and rear

Airweld rotors. They are machined and have custom hubs just for us! There are four of them, though the front and rear differ.

Airweld rotors. They are machined and have custom hubs just for us! There are four of them, though the front and rear differ.

Beam prepped, it has to start somewhere.

Beam prepped, it has to start somewhere.

For more randomness, here is a ’98 VR6 Jetta that really needed a cleaning. And I mean REALLY, inside and out, as the inside smelled like a moldy foot. It took three days, with the steamer, carpet cleaner, shop vac, various cleaners and conditioners, and tons of elbow grease. But wouldn’t you say she cleaned up pretty? It smells much, much better now as well. But other than cosmetic, this beauty also needed a heater core, thermostat, and ignition switch.

It looks WAY better. Trust me.

It looks WAY better. Trust me.

Then there’s this fun toy. We built an engine stand out of leftover cage tubing and some other parts we had lying around. This is especially awesome because we can start and tune engines on it too.

Reaching back into October, we had a visit from Paul, Dave, and Hunter to work on the rally car! What was originally going to be Frankenshine #1121 (and here) in 2011 for TLR will now be the rally car for CBCFS.

Here are some photos from that weekend as the prep commenced. Remember, sometimes you need to take a break and ride a bike.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is some racing stuff in the spirit up the upcoming Baja 1000! My internet is bunk tonight so I cannot load it to embed it here, you’ll have to visit it directly:
RedBull Class 11 Profiles, by Driving Dirty: BTS
And Dangerous Road Ahead:
Driving Dirty – Season 1 Episode 1

Here is also the 2016 SCORE Baja 1000 event schedule. Race starts at 6am NOVEMBER 18!
Livestream Mobile Ap link for tracking
Race information in general
– And don’t forget the main website for SCORE for when the Live Tracking is available.


On the cover of TWO magazines…

A huge congratulations to Brad Martin of Placerville, CA and his lovely fuel injected 1914cc turbo-charged oval-window ragtop built with Gary Herrod of Two Larrys Racing. Not only did they make the cover of major European magazine UltraVW in February 2015, but he duplicated the feat in major US magazine HotVW’s for June 2015! Click on the photos below to view the articles. You can navigate the menu above under Custom Engines to read more about the birth of this beautiful car.

On the cover of Europe's UltraVW February 2015. Click to view the article in PDF format.

On the cover of Europe’s UltraVW February 2015. Click to view the article in PDF format.

On the cover of the US' HotVW Magazine for June 2015. Click the photo to view the article in PDF format.

On the cover of the US’ HotVW Magazine for June 2015. Click the photo to view the article in PDF format.


Vanagon Shenanigans – In The Dark

We’ve been busy as usual…finishing out the summer/fall projects to welcome the fall/winter projects! Namely, we are pleased to once again be working with Meek Racing #1142 (Dave Meek) and CBCFS Racing #1116 (Paul Nauleau) to assist in their preparation for the 2015 racing season.

But to give everyone a smile on their face today, here is some video of what we did last night. Because sometimes you just need to take a donut break.


On My International Harvester


Oh yes, that’s right – TLR doesn’t just work on just Volkswagen and German. You might remember our buddy the 1964 International Scout from awhile back. We had a lot of honing to do in the cylinders just to make it run, but what a work-horse it is. We use it for property work and mowing:


Larry G will be totally thrilled that I posted this photo of him. 😉

Anyway, this has been a project five years in waiting. Or actually more, if you consider how much love there is for big toys and big tractors. But we have been searching and waiting for the right tractor to come along, and here it is, an International Harvester 3414 with a backhoe. They were made from 1961-1968, though we’re unclear what year this one is as the plate has worn away. We seem to have a penchant for 1964’s though, so it would be oddly poetic if it ends up being as such. It doesn’t run (just like the Scout didn’t). Isn’t that a surprise? 😉 But Larry G will have it running in no time, and most likely there will be VW parts installed on it as well. We are excited to be able to complete our projects more efficiently with the addition to this yellow beast to the fleet.

Oh, and it will have green wheels too. 😉





A giant shout-out to our friends from Big Mama’z Towing in Placerville, CA ((530) 642-0950 and on Facebook Here). If you want the job done in a professional manner with safety as the number one priority, and at a decent price, they are your guys. Please support local business and consider Big Mama’z if you are in need of transport.

Oh yes…you know that Larry G will be incorrigible singing this song now that he has two of them:


Looking for a split-window Bus? And SNORE Ridgecrest results

Looky what is on the Sacramento Craiglist car by owner section: a 1964 11-window VW Bus in good condition (especially considering what you usually see out there!). In case it’s taken down, here is a copy of the ad, and some photos:

“1964 11 window Volkswagen Bus. Professionally rebuilt 1907cc engine by specialist Gary Herrod, rebuilt in March 2014. Dual 36mm Dellortos with K&N filters, Scat forged crank and rods, 2qt oil sump and filter, new AS41 case. Rebuilt Rancho transaxle with taller gear ratio than stock. Dual German master cylinder installed. It is not cancered, and I have provided pictures of one of the dog-legs. There ARE a couple of pin-hole rust holes in rocker channels under the double doors and a bit on the driver’s side (also have included photo), there were pin holes in the front floor, but front and cargo floors have been POR-15’d (March 2014). I can provide before and after photos of this if you are interested, as proof that the floor is good.

I have owned this car for over 20 years, though it did sit for the last eight. The tires were new eight years ago (right before I parked it) and have fair tread, but they have been sitting so I can’t guarantee their life-span. Front seat has been re-upholstered, the rear seat is still original and in fair condition with small rips. It is clean – it was apparently in an accident and someone used Bondo in the rear but it really could have been addressed at the time without Bondo. The car is currently in old primer red. This Bus is registered and a daily driver.

This is an excellent prospect if you are ready to customize your own Bus the way you want it. It has a lot of potential, is solid, and already is in good working condition.

Please contact me via EMAIL ONLY. If there isn’t interest in the next couple of weeks, I will have it painted, interior installed, and windshields replaced (they are cracked) and the asking price will be raised. I would really prefer to sell local and don’t wish to ship it. Cash only.

Please contact me if you would like more photos of the Bus (specify what photos, please) or video of the Bus running if you would like to hear the engine. Or meet with me to view it in person.”

In other news, the SNORE Ridgecrest race last weekend was purported to be one of the roughest tracks in the history of that race. You can read race re-caps at the forum HERE.

Here is a screenshot of the unofficial SNORE results, courtesy of Strive Four Racing:


It’s Alive!

1957 VW Oval Ragtop Bug with a fuel injected 1914cc turbo-charged engine built by Gary Herrod of Two Larrys Racing. Car is owned by Brad Martin of Placerville, CA. Turbo kit by Pat Downs of CB Performance. This was a preliminary test of the car before tuning. The car is now undergoing the finishing touches on the rear apron and will be fine-tuned upon its return.

This has been a long-awaited project. You never know what you’ll run into with custom jobs!


Blast from the past – #1106 The Smurf

Larry C sent us this old photo today. Ah, memories…this is the car that started Two Larrys Racing. #1106, The Smurf, is a 1966 VW Karmann Ghia that was also on its way to the crusher. Are you seeing a trend here? Larry C and Larry G had three weeks to take a car that looked like it sat in a field for years to a winning rally street car. And they did:

2009 Beetleball Blizzard 500 – Finish in 08h 19m 35s, First Place in class, Fifth Place overall

If you would like to read more on the Smurf, who has gone back to the mundane life of a daily-driver, please click here or use our navigation menu at the top.

Thanks for the memories, Smurf! Even though you’re primer gray now, you’ll always be the Smurf to TLR.

Larry C sent us this photo today of 1106 The Smurf, a 1966 VW Karmann Ghia, after taking first in class at the 2009 Beetleball Rally.

Larry C sent us this photo today of 1106 The Smurf, a 1966 VW Karmann Ghia, after taking first in class at the 2009 Beetleball Rally. Cody Dynes on the left and Gary Herrod on the right.

The triumphant Smurf, a 1966 VW Karmann Ghia, in front of a saloon in Virginia City, NV.

The triumphant Smurf, a 1966 VW Karmann Ghia, in front of a saloon in Virginia City, NV.

The tach wouldn't go any higher. We still don't know how fast it went.

The tach wouldn’t go any higher. We still don’t know how fast it went.