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And we’re back!

Many apologies for such an extended absence from any updated posts. Hopefully there are still viewers out there! I had technical difficulties after changing web hosts, and couldn’t get rid of the final couple of errors affecting the site – today a generous friend helped me and VIOLA! It’s back! 😀

I don’t even know where to start on updates, so I supposed we’ll just go forward from here. Our last post from November showed parts for CBCFS’ rally car, that has since left TLR with most of the cage installed and CBCFS is getting it ready for its eventual racing career. Here’s some photos for a visual update.

And because destruction is always interesting to look at, here is a Subaru engine that came to us for a possible rebuild. Needless to say, we weren’t going to rebuild it when we saw just what happened. This is pretty epic. Remember to check your fluids, folks! And don’t ignore and downshift the car when it starts slowing down. 😉


Updates…and PARTS! It’s like Christmas came early.

I haven’t done an update in a couple of weeks, so I will go backwards. Starting with this weekend!

Headway is being made on CBCFS Racing Paul Nauleau’s VW Bug rally car. You may remember them from being the first Class 11 finisher at the 2015 SCORE Baja 1000. We are excited to be a part of his next adventure, a rally car that retains the Class 11 look. More on that as the build progresses! But for now, things have to get worse before they are better, so it’s just a mess of parts and pieces.

Paul and crew prepped the pan for welding when they were here in October, so that is what we have been working on.

Larry G in his welding glory.

Larry G in his welding glory.

And with all race cars, you need lots of new parts! The parts have starting arriving. Here is the first drool-worthy photo of them.

Parts, parts, and more parts to come!

Parts, parts, and more parts to come!

Some close-ups:

Wilwood calipers, front and rear

Wilwood calipers, front and rear

Airweld rotors. They are machined and have custom hubs just for us! There are four of them, though the front and rear differ.

Airweld rotors. They are machined and have custom hubs just for us! There are four of them, though the front and rear differ.

Beam prepped, it has to start somewhere.

Beam prepped, it has to start somewhere.

For more randomness, here is a ’98 VR6 Jetta that really needed a cleaning. And I mean REALLY, inside and out, as the inside smelled like a moldy foot. It took three days, with the steamer, carpet cleaner, shop vac, various cleaners and conditioners, and tons of elbow grease. But wouldn’t you say she cleaned up pretty? It smells much, much better now as well. But other than cosmetic, this beauty also needed a heater core, thermostat, and ignition switch.

It looks WAY better. Trust me.

It looks WAY better. Trust me.

Then there’s this fun toy. We built an engine stand out of leftover cage tubing and some other parts we had lying around. This is especially awesome because we can start and tune engines on it too.

Reaching back into October, we had a visit from Paul, Dave, and Hunter to work on the rally car! What was originally going to be Frankenshine #1121 (and here) in 2011 for TLR will now be the rally car for CBCFS.

Here are some photos from that weekend as the prep commenced. Remember, sometimes you need to take a break and ride a bike.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is some racing stuff in the spirit up the upcoming Baja 1000! My internet is bunk tonight so I cannot load it to embed it here, you’ll have to visit it directly:
RedBull Class 11 Profiles, by Driving Dirty: BTS
And Dangerous Road Ahead:
Driving Dirty – Season 1 Episode 1

Here is also the 2016 SCORE Baja 1000 event schedule. Race starts at 6am NOVEMBER 18!
Livestream Mobile Ap link for tracking
Race information in general
– And don’t forget the main website for SCORE for when the Live Tracking is available.


CBCFS Racing #1116 takes the 2015 SCORE Baja 1000!

And I should have made that title in all-caps, because I cannot convey how EXCITED we are for them! Unfortunately they did not make it to the finish within the allotted 33 hours, they made it in roughly 38 hours. THREE Class 11’s finished this year out of seven, in what proved to actually be a difficult course.

Paul Nauleau, head of CBCFS Racing, contacted us again in early 2015 about his plans for making November’s 2015 BugLight SCORE Baja 1000. Well, of course we would love to help him race it again! As a refresher, you can read about their previous experiences prepping for the 2013 Tecate Baja 1000 with us at Two Larrys Racing headquarters HERE.

I must say, it has been an honor and privilege to work with CBCFS Racing. Their team is organized, determined, learn quickly, and overall generally just NICE people. A more worthy team of the Baja title is hard to imagine. I will post here later when team experience stories have been shared, and let them tell you in their own words. We followed the race online and via cell phone communication from start to end, and what an anxiety-ridden, close race with some well-matched competition it was. Leads and placements were swapped more times than I can count.

#1116 CBCFS Racing/Paul Nauleau for the first place finisher in the Baja 1000! It unfortunately does not count as a win, as they did not make it to the finish within the 33 hour mark. But a finish in the Baja is bragging rights within itself, so regardless of trophy or no, this is a win on our book! Congratulations!

1116 at the SCORE Baja 1000 finish line after 38 hours of being on the course.

1116 at the SCORE Baja 1000 finish line after 38 hours of being on the course.

Erick Sala photo of #1116.  Check out his website HERE

Erick Sala photo of #1116. Check out his website HERE

1116 at the SCORE Baja 1000 finish line after 38 hours of being on the course.

1116 at the SCORE Baja 1000 finish line after 38 hours of being on the course.

For second Class 11 finisher, #1121 Team H12:One Racing, Dennis Hollenbeck proved a worthy competitor and defender of his 2014 SCORE Baja 1000 championship! This team races for a fantastic cause as well, and supports their local women/children’s shelter and needy folk.

#1121 at the finish line, photo by Kailen Hill

#1121 at the finish line, photo by Kailen Hill

#1121 on the move, photo by Italo Sanchez

#1121 on the move, photo by Italo Sanchez

Third place finisher was #1113 Wallentine Motorsports, Brian Wallentine. You probably won’t recognize this car the way it is now, but this used to be #1106 PetFinder (the red car) owned by Jeff Lee. How awesome it’s gone on to participate on the Baja 1000!

#1113 on the move, photo by Erick Sala. Check out his website HERE

#1113 on the move, photo by Erick Sala. Check out his website HERE

#1113 at the finish line early morning

#1113 at the finish line early morning, photo by West Coast Bajas

Fourth in line was multi-Baja 1000 champion Eric Solorzano with #1111, racing with Robert Johnson who said the track was one of the roughest he’s experienced. Unfortunately he did not finish, but he gave CBCFS Racing quite an exciting lead swap several times! We are still unclear as to what happened to take them out around the 350 mile mark, though it was reported the race was really hard on their front suspension and they were tightening ball joints, etc..

#1111 on the move, photo by Italo Sanchez.

#1111 on the move, photo by Italo Sanchez.

Fifth was #1101, the Cops Racing Class 11 with Rene Rodriguez. We are still unclear what took them out of the race, but they provided some exciting placement swapping as well!

#1101 on the move, photo by Italo Sanchez

#1101 on the move, photo by Italo Sanchez

Sixth were #1129 3 Amigos Racing with Dave Bolles. They were taken out at 67 miles with a rock that slammed into their head and removed the valve cover and dumped the oil. Engine failure occurred, resulting in their return to Ensenada.

Erick Sala photo of #1129.  Check out his website HERE

Erick Sala photo of #1129. Check out his website HERE

Seventh were #1107 the Desert Dingoes and Jim Graham. They experienced issues from almost the beginning of the race (prior actually) and had the wrong mixture of fuel. They added a fuel additive that was supposed to bump the octane, but it had an adverse affect on their fuel sponges and turned them essentially to mush. The mush made its way through the system, and they were unable to flush it fully. They were stopped around race mile 31, but made their way to around rm 50 before being towed back.

Erick Sala photo of #1107.  Check out his website HERE

Erick Sala photo of #1107. Check out his website HERE

Congratulations to everyone! Just being there is an accomplishment in itself.


Class 11 Race Recap by CBCFS Racing About 2013 Baja 1000

Paul and Ryan of CBCFS Racing have released their 2013 SCORE Baja 1000, and their experiences while racing the Class 11 car “The Ghost,” #1116. Congratulations to all participants! This race was no easy feat.


By Ryan Crook

Baja 1000. Doesn’t get much better than that.

To start the story to this baja adventure we spent 17 days with an average of 12 hr work days with the extremely helpful team, Two Larry’s Racing. Without the help from Gary and Megan we would have never made it to baja!

Fast forwarding to the day before the race, we had the opportunity to pre-run the first 35 miles of the course with our friend Nate Tennis. We made 17 pages of rally notes for the first 35 miles where most of the booby traps occur. Paul drove and I co-drove for the first 35 miles, reading out course notes while bouncing around in a “german ice box”. Car ran awesome and had no issues at all!

The idea was for me to get out and sleep until 10pm, where i would get back in the car to drive at San Felipe, rm230. Sleeping hyped up on adrenaline did not happen.

At rm 230 i got in the car at 10pm with Orion Johnson after Paul Nauleau had driven all day. From there I drove through the rocky and soft Woops of San Felipe where I found 2 bad booby traps and got a flat tire as a result of one being a barbed wire fence thrown across the course. 45 miles of woops. From there I had a nice section of highway an grated roads leading to Calamajue. Calamajue is known to have water and from pre running down there 2 years ago it had water but not as much as I found nor as much mud. The water was on average 2-3ft deep and mud on either sides. These were like little creeks that were surrounded by tall weeds 6-8ft tall not allowing you to look down to see if anyone is stuck. Of course your pinned coming a slippery and deep water road, finding a line of cars including trophy trucks and buggies from all sorts of classes buried up to motors, axles, you name it stuck in deep mud with water just sucks! With out the help of the cops 1101 chase team being there to have just pulled out there car, they amazingly pulled us out to keep us in the race! Being 3 am by this point i reach about rm 380 and got out.

As the race went on i slept, while the car went through silt beds and all sorts of junk, but thats paul’s story to tell.

From there i got back in the car as a co driver at rm660 with Nate Tennis at about 6pm sat, where the car had a blown passenger shock and broken shock tower. I was expecting the road to Mike’s sky ranch to be some what decent. This was hands down some of the worst roads in baja. Deep sand where cars just sink no matter where you go. There was water 4ft deep the filled the floor pans up to the top of the center tunnel. We got water up into the distributor and thankfully had a new cap and rotor. Up hill hair pins in 2ft deep silt where we would pull everything out of the car including tools, spare tires and everything just to make it up hills. I probably walked 2 miles over all walking after the car. We got to a point at about rm 731 at 1am where we were nearly completely asleep and got stuck due to a near vertical up hill with no traction and boulders to clear the size of a bug. We camped out there with emergency blankets and made a huge fire with a handy emergency sparker and some electrical cleaner we carried with us for preparation of water getting in the distributor. With temps i would guess were down to high 30’s cause us to sleep in the car with our helmets on and visors closed, waking up to ice on our visors.
We decided to continue on a goat trail and met up with some guys to help us up a steep silt hill we barely made up with 7-8 guys pushing. We were stuck again and waited for the rescue from the Frenchies in the taco. I just have to say winches are life savers! And those who know me i was happy to eat some homestyle burritos while we winched the bug up the hill!

All in all we made it to rm 760 out of time, but for a first attempt you cant get much better!

Class 11 car 1116 "The Ghost" after the 2013 SCORE Baja 1000. CBCFS Racing

Class 11 car 1116 “The Ghost” after the 2013 SCORE Baja 1000. CBCFS Racing. Photo provided by Paul Nauleau.

By Paul Nauleau

2013 Baja 1000 race report (my version at least)

The 2013 baja 1000 did not start on november 15th for me, but many months before and actually 11 years before. After i watched for the first time the documentary Dust To Glory, my dream hit me. I wanted to race in this race!

This year, a few months ago, the preperations began. Finding people for the team like Nate Tennis and Alejandro Cosue Arballo Rosas to come help Ryan Crook and I was a start. The car had to be ready like never before so Megan Carlson and their whole family were kind enough to offer tremendous amounts of hours, labor and materials to help us.

The logistics were getting made and school was only making things harder…

The race came closer and closer and we loaded up to head south, were we encountered our first issues. Getting the car out of the garage and out of the tight san francisco driveway. Stupidly that was quite a challenge, but we made our way south and the pre race preps began. We thought we wouldn’t have much to do but we ended up having lots more than we thought. On top of breaking a brake pedal the day before the race and having to switch it out with the Desert Dingo’s spare. (Thanks Jim Graham). We went all around ensenada looking for a spare alternator and transmission, and were lucky enough to get those too. We then decided with the little time we had to try to pre run the first 40 miles of the course and make rally style course notes. For those who don’t know, rally notes are detailed turn by turn notes with numbers indicating severity of the turns. We finished that and even had time to test a bit and practice tire changes with the whole team.

Skip forward many hours and many tacos, we loaded up and headed ro contingency where we met the funniest and randomest people. We had our moment of fame up on the starting podium and waited hours for a superficial tech inspection.

The next morning was race day. We headed over to the starting line and hurried up into the car and headed to the start line where we waited seconds to go. Away i went with ryan on my side at 10:40am. He read me the notes pretty well. A couple miles out of town we are going crusing in 3rd gear and the next turn was a left 6 over crest ( fast left turn with minimal loss of speed over a bling hill) and going over the crest I realised it was more of a left 4 tightens over crest so i slammed on the brakes and cranked it to the left as the two rear wheels slid off the edge of the cliff, but just enough to not fall off the edge completly. Thatw as a bit scary. W pressed on and got to Ojos negros earlier than expected. Dave hoped in and off we went over the fast straits and jumps of ojos negros. There were a few dips and as i went into one, a UTV flew by me and scared me so i moved a bit and the dip launched me sideways towards a pole, but i was able to save it and I started getting upset with dave because he was not letting me know about the cars behind us. He didn’t know we had added a center mirror!

After getting passed by Dennis Hollenbeck Chairez and Desert Dingos we knew we had the right pace, and we knew this because a few miles later, we pass the dingos who were stopped with issues and a few miles later again we pass Dennis who was unfortunate to have transmission issues.

The race continued and the course had not yet gotten very difficult, but I knew the summit and silt and whoops were still to come. Alex hoped in with me and we pressed on into the summit where we got passed for the first time by a green mexican UTV team ( we stayed with these guys the whole race). Over the rocky summit we pressed on, and i got out real quick on a wider spot to go pee, and get back in just as a trophy truck comes by and side swips us witht he front and the back of the car…

We made it to the bottom of the summit and only got stuck once, we pulled into the pit and they managed to fix the tracking which had not been turned on by SCORE in the hurry of the starting line. Got 5 gallons of fuel and saw the 1101 fly by the pit. I was then on a mission to catch up again.
Night fell and the fast salt flats were a relief after the rocky summit. Also a relief was passing 1101 who had pitted, but little did we know the fast would end and the silt and sand began!

We got stuck in some deep sand and Mag 7 pits was right there. They come by and tell me that I don’t have enough Horsepower, so I answer “No Shit” and he says your screwed cause it gets worse ahead. I kindly ask him to tow us, and he refuses and leaves. Alex was strong and pushed the car out. We continued to find the horrible silt beds where we got stuck again, but a group of mexican guys come over and Alex and them have a 2 mins super fast spanish conversation and he tells me go and they will follow incase we get stuck to pull us out. We managed to only get stuck once, but wr had to drop the tire pressure and bush wacking through the trees to avaid the silty course was our only option. After clearing the silt we were so happy, but then came miles of sharp rocks where we knew we were going to get a flat and thats just what happened. Switched it in 5 mins thanks to our training and we pull into the next pit and first checkpoint at race mile 192. This is where we saw 1101 stopped on the side with no lights and no one around. (They had passed us when we got stuck).

Next came 50 miles of 2-3 foot whoops… They were super uneven and it s brutal, but we hit a nice strait away withhuge whoops that were so big we could just roll throughthem at 40 and the car would just hop from one to the next.

After the whoops we pulled into the pits and Alex and I got out! I tripped getting out of the car because of how little i had moved for the past 12h. It was now about 10:30pm. Ryan and Orion got in and I switched the filter and sprayed out the alternator. They left and would be in the car for the whole night! I got a few hours of sleep and then we met up with the rest of the team at RM 385 as they had gone down the pacific side on the Hwy with the trailer. Had some soup and prepped the tools for an oil change. The car came in, ryan and orion got out, the oil change was done, nate got in with dave as a co-driver. They now had a 50 mile paved section. I jumped in the chase car and headed ip the hwy to meet them at the next pit. The only issue was finding the next pit. We went on the course for a bit looking BOOM! The roof rack breaks. We stop just off the course and 2 mins later 1116 pulls up. It wasn’t the pit but i hoped in with Vinh-Thach anyways. It just so happens it was 15 miles from the pit and that those 15 miles were all deep deep silt. We pushed through and 600 feet from the pit (without knowing it) we hit a root of a tree in the silt and got launched off the course in a blinding cloud of silt. I look around and to my right was a tree and to my left was the hillside. I jumped out and the car was at the bottom of a 15 foot hole. My co-driver got out and i ran to what looked likea bpit we had just passed to ask if anyone could pull us out. No one wanted to help! Some guy came and said the silt was to soft and left. I started to dig away the hillside to make a less steep way out and got on the radio with the chase crews to maybe come pull us out. I gave them the wrong coordinates and they screwed up and took 10 miles of the silty race course to watch me get pulled out by some nice mexicans. We walked to the pit and the motor was seized! My heart dropped! We tried pulling the plugs and starting it and it broke free! The started got stuck ont he flywheel and was blocking the motor. We switched started thanks to Jeff Lee for the spare and put the motor back in. Off i went back onto the course with hours of delay! I had no idea whatw as on this section and it was fairly rough for the beginning. It smoothed out and i pulled into pit 13 where we had planned for 5 gallons of gas. They told me I had 2h to do 100 miles. I told myself I can do it if the roads stayed as they had been. The roads after the pit began the samea and I was having a blast! Until i hear a loud rattle and the front passenger shock got loose. I go check it out and the upper shock mount ont he beam had ripped out, so I cut the shock out and we continued justas the course got really rough. It would stay really rough for the next 70 miles! Vinh-Thach was starting to really feel it and I knew if I didn’t get him out quick he would not do well so I started to take control of the temperature watch, radio, navigation, and driving as he sat and didn’t talk anymore. Every 10 mins i would ask him if he was okay and he would say :”yea” and thats it. We made it to the next pit and this was race mile 660. Man was i tired, so i went strait to bed and Nate took over with ryan at his side into the hills of Mikes Sky ranch. I was abruptlu woken up at 2am by my dad who said we have to go retrieve them from a hole in the hills. It just so happens that they were in the middle of the hills and it was some really rough stuff to get to them. We were unable to get to them and at 4am we made the decision to stop and sleep and get them the next morning. After a warm breakfast we unloaded the chase car and headed into the desert to go get nate and ryan who had camped out. We winched the car up a hill section where they burnt up the clutch, and i was able to drive it out the last 30 miles until race mile 760 where we loaded it up and headed back to ensenada.

That was quite an adventure!

We only got 2 flat tires, broke a flywheel, starter, shoch, beam, and fenders.

Planning begins for next year! And we learnt a lot about what needs to be done to get acrosst he finish line, but most importantly, in time!

Thank you to everyone who helped! I wish I could name you all, but there are so many people, and without all those people I would never have been able to right this right now and share this story.

Paul Nauleau

2013 SCORE Baja 1000 Class 11 results (the placements are messed up, obviously 1101 did not get second!) Placements determine by amount of miles completed.

2013 SCORE Baja 1000 Class 11 results (the placements are messed up, obviously 1101 did not get second!) Placements determine by amount of miles completed.

Here are some after shots of the remaining five Class 11’s that competed this year!

1101 Chichi Escuderia. Class winner in 35 hours 14 minutes.

1101 Chichi Escuderia. Class winner in 35 hours 14 minutes. Photo provided by team page.

1107 Desert Dingo Racing. DNF third place standing due to mileage completed.

1107 Desert Dingo Racing. DNF third place standing due to mileage completed. Photo provided by team page.

1121 Team H12:One Racing. DNF fourth place standing due to mileage completed.

1121 Team H12:One Racing. DNF fourth place standing due to mileage completed. Photo provided by team page.

1108 Fire Guys Racing. DNF fifth place standing due to mileage completed.

1108 Fire Guys Racing. DNF fifth place standing due to mileage completed. Photo provided by team page.

1115 GFP Motorsports. DNF sixth place standing due to mileage completed.

1115 GFP Motorsports. DNF sixth place standing due to mileage completed. Photo provided by team page.


Safe and Sound and Second Place

Good morning fellow racers, for a final time (for 2013 Baja updates anyway)!

I received a call from Paul Nauleau last night around 9:30pm. CBCFS racing, 1116, and crew were all back home, safe and sound. Congratulations guys! 760 miles of the worst Baja 1000 in history and second place certainly has earned you bragging rights.

Time for explanations for everyone who has been watching! Going back to our photos posts down there from Saturday night, remember when they were stopped for a bit? It was a terrible section, so Ryan and Nate decided to do some camping and get the rest they certainly needed and deserved. Paul received the call in the morning to meet them out on the track. On Sunday, they did indeed go over the edge like it looked in the photos we printscreened of the track. It was rough. They brought the truck out and pulled them to safety. Then they made it to the next check point at RM 760 and went home from there.

Of course, this is just was just a brief recap on what we had been following yesterday. There is SO much more to the story, like the skid pans are really not flat any longer, and both stock headlights are gone. Paul was very pleased to tell me the engine ran strong the whole time, though it did have a weird power loss below 2000rpm. Most important, they had a BLAST.

However, this is not my story to tell. I will let Paul, Ryan, and crew update you on their experiences when they have had a chance to rest up and eat a ton. Of course we’ll copy and paste that here when they do release their statements. 😉

Thank you again to everyone for their support and for watching our updates! I am glad that we could help provide decent communication between people.


2013 Baja 1000 Final Results Posted At SCORE


For the Class 11’s. To view all the results, please visit SCORE’s page here.

Congratulations to Rene Rodriguez and team 1101! It is no small feat to take first in a class 11 in 35 hours in what has been called the WORST track in the history of the Baja. You guys earned it!

I wish we could have followed you the whole time and reported what was going on. Silly tracker system.

Congratulations to CBCFS Racing and 1116 on their second in the Baja! We are still watching you on the track.

Congratulations to Jm Graham and Desert Dingo Racing on your third!

To everyone – good game. The desert has once again proven to be the hardest competition of all. Congratulations on just being there.

Update for CBCFS – it just makes you want to cry for them. They have made it through the hillside by zigzagging.



47 Hours and Counting…

Good morning, fellow racers! Again.

This morning found 1116 at race mile 737, which is three miles farther than when we went to bed last night at 1:30am. Not good…it seems they were there for a long time, and at that curvy section on the hillside, it looks like they missed the turn. At that point, it would be easier to drive down the embankment until they find an easier section to climb back up to the race track. They are moving along at a snail’s pace, BUT we have not received a phone call from them yet. We hope that’s a good thing?

We do know that a front shock tower is broken completely off. That makes for a rough ride.


Current place 8
Race Status Active
Last Update Rec’d 08:17:05 AM (PST) 11/17/13
Current speed 0.2 mph
Route mile 737.47 mi
Route average speed 12.9 mph
Route distance per day 308.96 mi
Moving Time 0:23:47
Stopped Time 0:15:41
Moving Average Speed 31.0 mph
Current Elevation 3574 ft
Next waypoint CP#6 SPD ZONE 5
Distance to next waypoint 26.83 mi
Est. arrival at waypoint 11:05:12 AM (PST) 11/17/13

And 1101’s tracker miraculously worked overnight!

1101 Rene Rodriguez has been the mystery man the entire race. Their tracker only worked at the beginning of the race for probably two seconds, and we the most we could gain from their position after that was only hearsay. We do know from 1116 Paul Nauleau’s report when he got out of 1116 at the checkpoint was that 1101 and 1116 battled it out for around 500 miles for first place, but they never saw them after that. Random reports trickled in that they were out of the race yesterday afternoon sometime, but after awhile no one knew where 1101 even was. Not even the other racing teams. So 1107 and 1116 continued to battle the desert.

Last night, a question popped up about someone reportedly seeing 1101 cross the finish line. We already knew that 1115 had, even though they obviously were out of the race. It’s fun to cross the line and get the photos – after all, they came from the East Coast for the Baja 1000! There had been some confusion earlier about that, so we figured maybe that was just more confusion.

After at least 39 hours of failure (that’s how long we had watched the race yesterday), 1101’s tracker suddenly started working again sometime last night. I have posted their course plot, and the information says they crossed the finish line at 10:02pm (well before the tracker even came back up for them). We had not heard anything about that from sources at the Baja or at SCORE itself, so I am not sure what happened. If they were not towed, and they did indeed make the full course in the time they had, that would put them in first place for the 2013 Baja 1000. Without sure and accurate reporting or the ability to track them yesterday, we still don’t know the true status of 1101 or the conditions surrounding it. We will try to keep you updated as we find out more.

Seems 1101 should be named the Ghost…they appeared out of nowhere!

Finishing place 2
Race Status Finished
Last Update Rec’d 10:02:01 PM (PST) 11/16/13
Current speed 1.5 mph
Route mile Off Route
Route average speed 18.9 mph
Route distance per day 452.84 mi
Moving Time 1:04:29
Stopped Time 0:06:51
Moving Average Speed 31.1 mph
Current Elevation 201 ft