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And one for Devin…

Who is apparently a TLR fan and has seen ALL of our videos at the young age of nine! Thank you for being a fan Devin! We owe you a signed Green Booger picture, to be delivered this week. πŸ˜‰

And someone had a special message for you:

Little Larry E at the 2011 VORRA Yerington 300

Little Larry E at the 2011 VORRA Yerington 300


Help let Emma know racers CAN be girls!

This was pasted and shared to a group on Facebook called Women of Off Road Racing. TLR would like to share it with you here as well and has copied it over.


Recently, a little girl named Emma who races quarter midgets at Rocky Mountain Raceways went to school and was asked to make a personal goal. She said that she wanted to improve on her summer and winter racing. The teacher quickly shut her down and said that couldn’t be a goal because girls aren’t supposed to be race car drivers and made her redo the assignment. Emma was crushed and went home crying and asking her parents to sell her stuff ‘since girls cant be race car drivers’. Her family has since convinced her that they shouldn’t sell her stuff.

This is where you guys come in! The awesome people at Rocky Mountain Raceways are trying to round up hero cards/ letters of encouragement/ anything you got to present to Emma to show that girls can indeed be race car drivers! Tag the female drivers you know as well or share the status!

Please send the pictures or letters of encouragement to:

Rocky Mountain Raceways
Attn: Dan Breach
6555 W 2100 South
West Valley City, Utah 84128


RIP Jeff Johnson, Race Reviews, VORRA News, Videos, and more

Today we would like to point you to other team’s race reviews from recent races run. Hmm, that was quite the alliteration. This should keep you busy for at least a little while. πŸ˜€ We haven’t had a really big update post recently, so this hopefully makes up for it.


First, we would like to offer our condolences to those involved in the Battle at Primm accident. Passenger Jeff Johnson succumbed to his injuries and has tragically passed away. The driver of the Bajalite was cut badly but released from the hospital. We are very sorry to hear of his passing, and wish him Godspeed over a perfect course.
You may read about it at Race-Dezert here. Also, if you would like to donate to his family to help cover his medical bills, etc. please visit the donation fundraiser page. The racing community outpouring has really been staggering – racers have big hearts.


1121 Team H12:One Racing. DNF fourth place standing due to mileage completed.

1121 Team H12:One Racing

You may recognize these guys from our coverage of the 2013 SCORE Baja 1000. Team H12:One Racing are back in the news, and just completed the 2014 SCORE San Felipe 250! If you have a chance, take a look at what their team supports too – they have a great big heart and race in the name of a very incredible cause. #1121 has been adopted as the mascot for the children at the La Casa de Esperanza, a refuge home for mothers and children in Mexico. Congratulations on your first finish AND second place, guys!
Read their race review at their website’s blog here.

Emme Hall in #1636 at 2014 SNORE Battle at Primm, photo provided by Emme Hall and taken by Phil Kaos

Emme Hall in #1636 at 2014 SNORE Battle at Primm, photo provided by Emme Hall and taken by Phil Kaos

Another fun review is from Emme Hall’s experience at the 2014 SNORE Battle at Primm. You may recognize Emme from the calendar fundraisers for their rally in Morocco, the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles. She also raced for a time with #1107 the Desert Dingos, or as an internet radio host, and car reviewer for the the YouTube show Roadfly TV and many more. Congratulations on completing Battle at Primm, Emme and Mega Monkey Motorosports!
Read Emme’s race review on her website blog here.

Also from Battle At Primm is Ed Mahoney’s in-car #1189 footage. Congratulations on your first place out of seven Class 11 cars, Ed!

Here is the official results from SNORE. Apparently someone stole the timer from the finish line (!?!) so they apologized for the delay. #1134 finished first both days and #1189 second both days.

2014 SNORE Battle at Primm official Class 11 results, provided by

2014 SNORE Battle at Primm official Class 11 results, provided by

If that’s not enough for you, here is a video of Sunday’s landrush start by Other Level Racing. You can view more of their videos from BAP at their YouTube Channel.

If you’re in the mood to troll photos on a website, here is a link to Jenn Hellstrom’s race recap on Race-Dezert, complete with a photo gallery.

Here is MORE video! Fair warning, this one is longer, about fifteen minutes. It shows class 11 action from 11BrosMotorsport’s Class 5/1600’s in-car cam.


Last in the news front, but certainly not least, there have been some developments on the VORRA front. You may have already read our previous post With a heavy heart we announce VORRA is no longer…. Jim Carius (remember him from VORRA’s Nine Town? I just had a laugh when I realized Larry G is on the preview picture for that video, too) and Sam Cothrun of Samco Fab have stepped forward and are trying to bring together investors and event organizers. You can read the thread here at Race-Dezert, with organizational info starting on page four.

Please note that the originally scheduled March 22-23 meet is STILL HAPPENING. However, this is NOT a VORRA event therefore I implore you to recognize this is a race-prep TEST RUN against other like-cars and BBQ MEET among friends with race cars at Prairie City. πŸ˜‰ NOT a race event. Additionally, we received word that the originally VORRA scheduled April Prairie City races may actually be happening, so keep prepping your car as we VORRA-ites MAY race after all. I also suggest keeping an eye on that thread as nothing is set in stone yet in regards to bringing VORRA back.

I will post the gist of what is being discussed, but to stay updated daily you’ll need to visit the forum. Also, if you are an interested investor, someone who knows they will be available to race, etc. PLEASE contact Jim and Sam. They are working REALLY hard to get VORRA going again and are already working on the 2015 permits but they need racers and volunteers to commit now to make this happen.

First post from Sam:
“I have a few ideas that I am working on to get it purchased and get it back running, but it will take a group effort, we could even call it Group V…..

I spoke with the unofficial VORRA lawyer Mike Lehner about how to keep a group of Vorra stockholders safe from litigation, and the other group of people that run it safe as well. He is on board with helping. I can help too, but not run it.

If anybody is interested in talking more about it, e mail me with contact info and we can directly discuss ideas on how we can get this together and how to share the workload. We all want to see it come back at at least some level.”

Follow-up post from Jim on February 28th:
“There are some of us working behind the scenes to try and make something happen here. Basically, it take 4 things:

– Organizers time and commitment
– Money
– Volunteers time
– Racer’s commitment

If you or someone you know can help fund VORRA through this crisis through sponsorship arrangements, short term loans, donations, or some other means, we need to hear from you.

If you are not currently a ‘VORRAteer’ and have time and energy to devote to off road racing in Northern Nevada/Northern CA, we need to hear from you.

If you are a racer who is willing to commit (which means writing a check for entry fees right now) to the short course races or the desert races that still have permits standing, we need to hear from you.

Prairie City round one is scheduled for 3 weeks away. My personal opinion is we cannot meet that deadline. PC 2 however is definitely in reach, there are some ways that Yerington might be salvaged, and if we keep on racing we can start working right now on the 2015 permits and issues.

Give me a call at 530-913-9172 or shoot an email to – or contact Samco Fab above.

This can work – but it is going to require action and funding – from the folks that it is important to.

Jim Carius”


After all that great info, here is ANOTHER video! It is a Class 11 promo parody video made by Fire Guys Racing with #1108.

La Tortuga from Erik Dinnel on Vimeo.


Have you read enough yet? I’ll throw this in here too. We’ve been entertaining the idea of a segment on our website (and here, as we cross-post) of a sort of “Ask the Fabricator/Mechanic” for Class 11, Class 9, Class 5/5-1600, VW Class 10, etc. anything VW. Would this be something that our readers would be interested in? If so, what questions do you have that you would like to see answered? Feedback is very appreciated – you can post here with your feedback or email us at We would like to help out racers/future racers if we can, and having a comprehensive researchable FAQ seems to be a helpful venue. This isn’t a for-sure thing, but if we end up with enough feedback from you, our viewers, we would like to go forth with something like this.

We are also nearly at our 300th “like” on Facebook! As many of you know, we send random pieces of the Booger itself to winners of our various contests, so if you would like a piece of the Booger and haven’t liked us on Facebook already, be sure to do so!


So let’s end this long post with something funny. Car memes!

From ATVMemes

From ATVMemes

Will this lift kit pass tech? LOL. Photo from Camburg Racing.

Will this lift kit pass tech? LOL. Photo from Camburg Racing.

racing balls


Daily Dose of Cuteness – Little Boogers!

We previously posted about the Boogering of Dave Meek of Meek Racing, but he retaliated with a photo of super cute Maggie holding her coveted Booger piece! Ok Dave, you win this one. πŸ˜‰

Maggie with the Booger's previous hood hinge circa 2009. She appropriated it from her Dad, now it is hers. Can you say future Class 11 racer?!

Maggie with the Booger’s previous hood hinge circa 2009. She appropriated it from her Dad, now it is hers. She apparently has her eye on the TLR stickers now as well! Can you say future Class 11 racer?!

On that note, here’s another Little Booger brought to you by Little Larry E. Kids love to color, and what do our kids prefer to make?

Little Larry E's Orange Bug

Little Larry E’s Orange Bug



The 2014 Tear-Down Continues…And Meek’s been Boogered!


Today saw the next stage of the 2014 tear down of the Booger. We don’t know if/when we’ll race, but it’s beneficial to simply have it ready, right?

Our friend Pete came over today for fun, and ended up being sucked into the Booger Vortex. Thank you for your help today, Pete. Gary said he didn’t want me to post this photo, I said he should stop making faces at me when I take pictures. So we compromised.


Then there’s these lovelies. We are officially sponsored by FOX SHOX, and they did a stand-up job of rebuilding our shocks recently. Our rear shocks were second generation prototype Class 11 shocks, so much so that instead of valving being stamped, it just says, “CUSTOM.” They have served us without upkeep service for around 3,500 race miles…not too shabby if you ask us. We couldn’t be happier with our Fox shocks, and are proud to promote them wherever we go.

Dave Meek's care package

Dave Meek’s care package

In other news, Dave Meek of Meek Racing has officially been Boogered! Again…
Dave Meek accurately guessed our contest of a month ago – what was in the box and where it was being shipped. It was our Fox Shocks! So he received a care package, complete with a piece of the Green Booger itself (upside down though haha). It was the hood hinge from our old clip that we cut off in 2013, plus some stickers and some coloring pictures for the kids (not pictured). We hope you guys liked it, and thanks for playing and for your support! Look out for more contests in the future – you TOO may win a piece of the Green Booger. πŸ˜€

Kids' Booger!

Kids’ Booger!

And lastly, kids love the Booger. They even make clay models of the Booger. If you haven’t already, stop by our page on Facebook and give us a like! We try to post exciting updates and videos from other racers there as well.


Boogers spreading across the US…You’ve Been Boogered!

TLR is pleased to report that Jessica Johnston’s package of green made it safely to her! She was lucky number 200 to click “like” on our FB page. Thank you for your support, and congratulations! We hope you enjoy being Boogered.

We are considering making contests in the future for pieces of the Booger v1.0. If this might be something you are interested in, let us know! You TOO could own a piece of the Booger. πŸ˜‰

Photo provided by Jessica Johnston. Included in her care package were two small TLR stickers, one large, an autographed photo of the Green Booger, and a piece of the BOOGER ITSELF! For her care package, she was sent the infamous green gas door flap from Booger v1.0 circa 2009, which amazingly never came open in all four years of Class 11 racing.

Photo provided by Jessica Johnston. Included in her care package were two small TLR stickers, one large, an autographed photo of the Green Booger, and a piece of the BOOGER ITSELF! For her care package, she was sent the infamous green gas door flap from Booger v1.0 circa 2009, which amazingly never came open in all four years of Class 11 racing.