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Changes to SCORE Class 11 Rules

Well, it has been quite some time since there has been a post here! Apologies for that. I do owe you guys photos and fun from several different builds we have been working on. I will get to posting those…eventually. 😉

Rules changes have recently been a hot topic among the 11 guys, and if you would like to see how hot it has become you can visit these two threads on the Class 11 Coalition: Aftermarket Shifters (discussion started here), continued here SCORE Rulebook Updates Happening.

SCORE recently made post regarding the changes for Class 11, Class 5/1600, and Class 1/2 1600 (as seen here:

Statement from SCORE Tech director, Art Savedra,

After almost two years of watching this 8-to-1 low compression engine combination compete against the High compression engines I have seen a very competitive new introduction and a need for a change in the 1600cc Class rule. I am talking about 1/2-1600, 5-1600 and Class 11 here at SCORE International Off-Road Racing. I now see the need to add a different way to race in this class and still be competitive, this is not a change in the rules, but a different way to build your engine and still be able to race.

As of the SCORE Baja Sur 500, these changes will be in effect.

Good luck, Have fun, and Be careful!!!

Art Savedra

1/2-1600, 5/1600 and Class 9 and 11 are effected by the wording OR NOT WORDING that is in the 2011 – 2015 SCORE rule book. The wording should read as;





CLASS 11 with the introduction of the “8.0 to 1 Low compression engine” in to this class as an option. There will be a temporary rule modification until SCORE Tech director can find an air box that will work under the stock rear deck lid rules along the Class 11 shifter and bumper rule they will read as;



Clases de motor 1600cc: A las Clases 1/2-1600, 5-1600 y 11 se les permitirá un formula de motor opcional que será 1600cc de desplazamiento máximo con 8 a 1 (8.0 a 1) como máximo de relación de compresión, se permiten cabezas de reemplazo original sin portear siguiendo las mismas dimensiones de válvulas y bujías que la regla actual de SCORE. Los codos de admisión deberán ser originales, sin portear. Se permitirá carburador Empi o Webber 40 o 44 y se devera usar el maniful tubular solamente.
La Clase 5-1600 y 11 usara venturi PUM de 26mm máximo,
Clase 1-2-1600 de dos asientos usara venturi PUM de 25mm máximo y el 1-2-1600 de un asiento venturi PUM de 24mm maximo, solo se permitira gasolina automotriz de bomba.

Los insertos venturi para el carburador EMPI y Webber 40 o 44 se podran comprar por medio del director tecnico de SCORE Art Savedra (702-210-7785) o PUM.

1600cc engine classes. Class 1-2 1600, 5-1600, and 11 will be allowed to use optional engine formula with 1600cc maximum displacement and an 8 to 1 (8.0 to 1) compression ratio maximum, stock replacement heads with no porting may be used following the same valve and spark plug dimensions as the current SCORE rule. Stock intake end castings must be completely stock with no polishing allowed, an Empi or Webber 40 or 44 carburetor may be used and tube style intake manifold only.
Class 5-1600 and 11 must use a 26mm PUM venturi maximum,
Class 1-2-1600 must use a 25mm PUM venture maximum for two seat and 24mm PUM venturi for single seat. Pump gas only, 91 Octane maximum.

Venturi inserts for the EMPI or Webber 40 and 44 will be sold through SCORE Tech director Art Savedra (702-210-7785) or PUM.


On the cover of TWO magazines…

A huge congratulations to Brad Martin of Placerville, CA and his lovely fuel injected 1914cc turbo-charged oval-window ragtop built with Gary Herrod of Two Larrys Racing. Not only did they make the cover of major European magazine UltraVW in February 2015, but he duplicated the feat in major US magazine HotVW’s for June 2015! Click on the photos below to view the articles. You can navigate the menu above under Custom Engines to read more about the birth of this beautiful car.

On the cover of Europe's UltraVW February 2015. Click to view the article in PDF format.

On the cover of Europe’s UltraVW February 2015. Click to view the article in PDF format.

On the cover of the US' HotVW Magazine for June 2015. Click the photo to view the article in PDF format.

On the cover of the US’ HotVW Magazine for June 2015. Click the photo to view the article in PDF format.


Dezert People 11 Premiere Under Way


If you are a Dezert People movie fan like we are, then you will most certainly be interested in the premiere tour! Here is the schedule for DP11:

September 12th, Atrium Hotel, Irvine, CA (ticket pre-ordering and combos available now).
September 13th, Legacy Brewing Co. Oceanside, CA.
September 15th, BNS Brewing & Distilling, Santee, CA.
September 16th, Studio Movie Grill, Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ (ticket pre-ordering is online now).
September 19-21, Sand Sports Super Show, Costa Mesa, CA (purchase videos at our booth)
September 23rd, Viola’s Tavern, Las Vegas, NV.
September TBA, Coach’s Sports Bar & Grill, Campbell, CA.
September 20th, Texas Raptor Run, Raptoberfest.
September 24th, Burgers and Beer, El Centro, CA.
September 26th, SamCo Fabrication, Reno, NV.
September 27th, VORRA Prairie City race, Sacramento, CA
September TBA, The Palm Theatre, San Luis Obispo, CA.
September TBA, Tucson, AZ
September Tentative, Mesa Theater, Grand Junction, CO.
September TBA, Fresno, CA
October 4th-5th, Off Road Expo, Pomona, CA (DVDs & Blu-Rays available at the DP booth in bldg 4.)
October 9th, “The Bar”, Parker, AZ

Read more about it at the article posted in A Gentleman’s Word.

And very important! You can order your copy RIGHT NOW at Click HERE to order. The will start shipping orders on September 15.

Release: September 12th, 2014
Media: DVD & Blu-Ray. NTSC
Running time: 56 minutes plus extras.
Region: Wordwide, unrestricted.
Rating: Family friendly.
Suggested Retail Price: DVD $24.95, Blu-Ray $29.95

But wait, there’s more! Dezert People 11 trailer!


Random Updates, Race News

Bob Dodero's land-speed record holding oval window. Photo by HotVW here:

Bob Dodero’s land-speed record holding oval window. Photo by HotVW here:

It’s been a while since we’ve updated – it’s been very busy! So here goes….

First, a major shout-out to our friend Bob Dodero. You might remember him from earlier posts as the [new] owner of the the Smurf, #1106. He made his goal this year to race at Bonneville and break the land-speed world record for the ww36 class in an Oval Window Bug. (there are a lot of classes racing, ww36 is a specific class with specifications for the engine components, etc.) We are so pleased and proud that on Sunday, he broke the world land-speed record with his TLR-Gary Herrod-built 36hp motor at 78+ mph! He will be running again Tuesday (today) with changes to the carbs Gary also built for him, and a Pertronix system instead of points (it’s fun seeing the performance differences) – maybe he’ll even break his own record! We are very excited for him. Video of the engine to come soon from when we had it on the dyno. It sure doesn’t sound like a 36hp. Also on Sunday was Bob’s birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bob, and what a great present he gave himself!

If you would like to read HotVW Magazine coverage of Bonneville so far (they plan to have a full spread in the upcoming magazines):
– Day One of Bonneville
– Day Two of Bonneville
– Day Three of Bonneville

Also in the news, another VORRA Fallon 250 is in the record books. If you would like to see the results from that race, please visit VORRA’s site here: Fallon 250 Results. Congratulations to all competitors. If you would like to read race stories, please check that out on VORRA’s forum here.

The VORRA September Sizzler at Prairie City is coming up at the end of this month. If you are interested in some short course action as a racer or spectator, please check the information and schedule here on VORRA’s site:
2014 September Summer Sizzler
September 27 – 28, 2014
Prairie City OHV Park
Rancho Cordova, California

The always awesome VORRA Halloween races (called the Spooktacular now) will be coming up in the end of October.

*They are still looking for VORRAteers to help with the races and on the track for both meets!*

Also in the news, our Syncro is up and running again! It sounds similar to the Booger. 😉 We will get photos and video of the Van on the site soon as well.


Who wants a classic supercar?

We do too. Even in this condition!

We recently read an article about Michael Fröhlich, a classic car dealer and restorer who has created a classic car museum. That doesn’t sound so unique – except he has his museum in the middle of the forest, and the theme is nature is stronger than technology – nature takes it back. And that’s exactly what is happening to the many classic cars and car memorabilia.

So fair warning – this article posted on might be a bit painful to read if you are a classic car enthusiast. I know with each picture I had to say, “Nooooo!!!”


Rotting Porsche in the forest. Photo courtesy of

Rotting Porsche in the forest. Photo courtesy of

After that blasphemy, here is a meme to make you laugh.


Here is the SCORE Imperial Valley 250 race highlights video by, if you were in the mood for a video. As stated by Race-Dezert on the article’s page,:

“The first inaugural SCORE Imperial Valley 250 is in the books.

On race day strong winds added another layer of challenges to those that raced in the Plaster City area just east of San Diego, CA. The event was broken down into two races. Bikes and Quads started in the morning while all Car and Truck classes left the starting line at 13:00 local time.

Official results are pending SCORE’s review process. Due to the layout of the course many Virtual Checkpoints where in use and the word in our forum as of right now is that many vehicles missed these VCP’s. SCORE is reviewing the driven tracks of all competitors to determine penalties that may have to get added to some competitors. Andy McMillin may have overall won the race but not in his own truck nor the #6 Sourapas truck he drives a lot but instead in the #11 Rock Star energy truck of Rob McCachren who was racing the Lucas Shortcourse truck instead.”


New TLR Affiliate – SmartSexyGeeky

If the title didn’t get your attention, the content certainly will. Our friend and sponsor Jade Axline of Jaded by Design has created a new blog geared towards girls and women (men too, really!) who enjoy nerdiness, business, and intellectual thought provoking ideas to better your life. Plus she has a wicked sense of humor, so it’s not a boring blog like so many of them.

Which, by the way, you should really check out her fantastic image design capabilities at her website. If you are in the market for a great new professional logo at a very affordable price, you’ve found your designer. Here is her mission statement of sorts for the new blog:

“I “founded” (meaning, bought the domain name) SmartSexyGeeky because I felt like there were too many blogs and sites for women focusing on makeup, fashion, calorie counting, and celebrity gossip. The goal was to create a corner of the internet where women (and maybe some men!) could go to read something relevant and something more existential than what so-and-so wore to this or that awards show. I wanted to write articles about maintaining, or regaining, a positive body image and overall health. I wanted to write about super nerdy things such as video games, the next Comic Con, and why I chose Intel over AMD…and I wanted to bring more people into that world. I hope my writing makes you laugh, inspires you, and makes you think. If it doesn’t, I’m sure at least one of my 3 amazing writers will. Thanks for reading SmartSexyGeeky!
– Jade Axline”

What does this mean for our TLR readers, and why on earth have I included this here? Well, other than a shameless plug for what will be an actually interesting blog, Jade has invited TLR to contribute automotive advice and tutorials there as well. Ah, there’s the gear-head reader relation to TLR. 😉 Additionally, there are four writers in total contributing, with affiliates ALSO guest-blogging, so there will be a vast amount of information, education, and subjects covered. You never know what you will be reading next. You can also visit SmartSexyGeeky on Facebook and give them a “like” to keep up with new posts. Or visit the website directly: SmartSexyGeeky.

TLR is proud to promote healthy image and good causes, like the cancer-research fundraising calendar with the esteemed off-road racer and YouTube car star Emme Hall that the Booger was featured in (twice!), or fundraising car shows we are proud to take part in. TLR is looking forward to being an online contributor in another facet of this subject. You can check out posts in the menu up there ^^ under Tutorials, or visit our first contribution directly by clicking here. Of course, most of the posts there will be very generalized for our usual readers, but remember this is basic information provided to help women (or even some men!) become more familiar with their car and thus feel more comfortable and confident in their abilities. Feel free to pass this website on to friends and family you think would enjoy reading it.



RIP Jeff Johnson, Race Reviews, VORRA News, Videos, and more

Today we would like to point you to other team’s race reviews from recent races run. Hmm, that was quite the alliteration. This should keep you busy for at least a little while. 😀 We haven’t had a really big update post recently, so this hopefully makes up for it.


First, we would like to offer our condolences to those involved in the Battle at Primm accident. Passenger Jeff Johnson succumbed to his injuries and has tragically passed away. The driver of the Bajalite was cut badly but released from the hospital. We are very sorry to hear of his passing, and wish him Godspeed over a perfect course.
You may read about it at Race-Dezert here. Also, if you would like to donate to his family to help cover his medical bills, etc. please visit the donation fundraiser page. The racing community outpouring has really been staggering – racers have big hearts.


1121 Team H12:One Racing. DNF fourth place standing due to mileage completed.

1121 Team H12:One Racing

You may recognize these guys from our coverage of the 2013 SCORE Baja 1000. Team H12:One Racing are back in the news, and just completed the 2014 SCORE San Felipe 250! If you have a chance, take a look at what their team supports too – they have a great big heart and race in the name of a very incredible cause. #1121 has been adopted as the mascot for the children at the La Casa de Esperanza, a refuge home for mothers and children in Mexico. Congratulations on your first finish AND second place, guys!
Read their race review at their website’s blog here.

Emme Hall in #1636 at 2014 SNORE Battle at Primm, photo provided by Emme Hall and taken by Phil Kaos

Emme Hall in #1636 at 2014 SNORE Battle at Primm, photo provided by Emme Hall and taken by Phil Kaos

Another fun review is from Emme Hall’s experience at the 2014 SNORE Battle at Primm. You may recognize Emme from the calendar fundraisers for their rally in Morocco, the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles. She also raced for a time with #1107 the Desert Dingos, or as an internet radio host, and car reviewer for the the YouTube show Roadfly TV and many more. Congratulations on completing Battle at Primm, Emme and Mega Monkey Motorosports!
Read Emme’s race review on her website blog here.

Also from Battle At Primm is Ed Mahoney’s in-car #1189 footage. Congratulations on your first place out of seven Class 11 cars, Ed!

Here is the official results from SNORE. Apparently someone stole the timer from the finish line (!?!) so they apologized for the delay. #1134 finished first both days and #1189 second both days.

2014 SNORE Battle at Primm official Class 11 results, provided by

2014 SNORE Battle at Primm official Class 11 results, provided by

If that’s not enough for you, here is a video of Sunday’s landrush start by Other Level Racing. You can view more of their videos from BAP at their YouTube Channel.

If you’re in the mood to troll photos on a website, here is a link to Jenn Hellstrom’s race recap on Race-Dezert, complete with a photo gallery.

Here is MORE video! Fair warning, this one is longer, about fifteen minutes. It shows class 11 action from 11BrosMotorsport’s Class 5/1600’s in-car cam.


Last in the news front, but certainly not least, there have been some developments on the VORRA front. You may have already read our previous post With a heavy heart we announce VORRA is no longer…. Jim Carius (remember him from VORRA’s Nine Town? I just had a laugh when I realized Larry G is on the preview picture for that video, too) and Sam Cothrun of Samco Fab have stepped forward and are trying to bring together investors and event organizers. You can read the thread here at Race-Dezert, with organizational info starting on page four.

Please note that the originally scheduled March 22-23 meet is STILL HAPPENING. However, this is NOT a VORRA event therefore I implore you to recognize this is a race-prep TEST RUN against other like-cars and BBQ MEET among friends with race cars at Prairie City. 😉 NOT a race event. Additionally, we received word that the originally VORRA scheduled April Prairie City races may actually be happening, so keep prepping your car as we VORRA-ites MAY race after all. I also suggest keeping an eye on that thread as nothing is set in stone yet in regards to bringing VORRA back.

I will post the gist of what is being discussed, but to stay updated daily you’ll need to visit the forum. Also, if you are an interested investor, someone who knows they will be available to race, etc. PLEASE contact Jim and Sam. They are working REALLY hard to get VORRA going again and are already working on the 2015 permits but they need racers and volunteers to commit now to make this happen.

First post from Sam:
“I have a few ideas that I am working on to get it purchased and get it back running, but it will take a group effort, we could even call it Group V…..

I spoke with the unofficial VORRA lawyer Mike Lehner about how to keep a group of Vorra stockholders safe from litigation, and the other group of people that run it safe as well. He is on board with helping. I can help too, but not run it.

If anybody is interested in talking more about it, e mail me with contact info and we can directly discuss ideas on how we can get this together and how to share the workload. We all want to see it come back at at least some level.”

Follow-up post from Jim on February 28th:
“There are some of us working behind the scenes to try and make something happen here. Basically, it take 4 things:

– Organizers time and commitment
– Money
– Volunteers time
– Racer’s commitment

If you or someone you know can help fund VORRA through this crisis through sponsorship arrangements, short term loans, donations, or some other means, we need to hear from you.

If you are not currently a ‘VORRAteer’ and have time and energy to devote to off road racing in Northern Nevada/Northern CA, we need to hear from you.

If you are a racer who is willing to commit (which means writing a check for entry fees right now) to the short course races or the desert races that still have permits standing, we need to hear from you.

Prairie City round one is scheduled for 3 weeks away. My personal opinion is we cannot meet that deadline. PC 2 however is definitely in reach, there are some ways that Yerington might be salvaged, and if we keep on racing we can start working right now on the 2015 permits and issues.

Give me a call at 530-913-9172 or shoot an email to – or contact Samco Fab above.

This can work – but it is going to require action and funding – from the folks that it is important to.

Jim Carius”


After all that great info, here is ANOTHER video! It is a Class 11 promo parody video made by Fire Guys Racing with #1108.

La Tortuga from Erik Dinnel on Vimeo.


Have you read enough yet? I’ll throw this in here too. We’ve been entertaining the idea of a segment on our website (and here, as we cross-post) of a sort of “Ask the Fabricator/Mechanic” for Class 11, Class 9, Class 5/5-1600, VW Class 10, etc. anything VW. Would this be something that our readers would be interested in? If so, what questions do you have that you would like to see answered? Feedback is very appreciated – you can post here with your feedback or email us at We would like to help out racers/future racers if we can, and having a comprehensive researchable FAQ seems to be a helpful venue. This isn’t a for-sure thing, but if we end up with enough feedback from you, our viewers, we would like to go forth with something like this.

We are also nearly at our 300th “like” on Facebook! As many of you know, we send random pieces of the Booger itself to winners of our various contests, so if you would like a piece of the Booger and haven’t liked us on Facebook already, be sure to do so!


So let’s end this long post with something funny. Car memes!

From ATVMemes

From ATVMemes

Will this lift kit pass tech? LOL. Photo from Camburg Racing.

Will this lift kit pass tech? LOL. Photo from Camburg Racing.

racing balls